CRITICISM: Democracy is about having a voice.

in #politics2 years ago


Overtime on this medium, we try to take away your voice. Let me tell you how it is attempted and how to recognise it.

When a critic post a message that is not supportive of govt position: the strategy is to attack the critic. Discredit his/her message by pointing out the antecedents, the imperfections and all that. So the conversation now changes to the person and not the message.

When you have made noise on an issue, and there is govt response in action: they say to you, it’s not your voice. It’s coincidental. It just happened. The objective is to shut you up so you do not advocate on another issue.


Democracy is about having a voice. Anti democratic elements always celebrate the loss of voices. When they write that you did not make him President, say you agree and keep writing. Ask why they spoke against the previous.

Another strategy is to tell you that elections are not on won on social media: if social media were that unimportant, why are they there, why does govt post messages here, why is there an assistant on digital and new media?

The other strategy is convergence: you declare your ambition or support for a candidate, next thing is to unearth your past or that of the candidate and subject you to ridicule. “They” then fly in like the Kano votes, and demolish your person or that of the candidate. Ignore them.

The other strategy is to change the subject. They attack you rather than your post. It becomes a slug fest. Say your own and move on. Stay focused.

Your wall is yours. You do not need to be a saint to criticise government. You do not need to be superman . Do not let “them” silence you.


Read what those in power wrote about those that were there then. And converse. It is the same strategy.