KSA makes Syria Offers to Cut Ties with Iran in Exchange for Hundreds of Billions of Dollars for Reconstruction

in politics •  8 months ago

According to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, KSA offered President Assad hundreds of billions of dollars for reconstruction not once but twice, the caveat however was to cut ties with Iran.

I find it comical that KSA would even make such a ridiculous request. Why would anyone think that President Assad would entertain accepting Wahhabi blood money from one of the biggest sponsors of terrorism on earth? President Assad can't be bought like Trump, Merkel, Macron, Trudeau, Johnson, and the other bobble heads.After fighting against Saudi backed terrorists for seven years, did they really think that President Assad would sever ties with one of it's closest allies for some "reconstruction money"? Of course not.

Why would KSA make such an odd offer? Well, because Riyadh views Iran as its key rival in the Middle East for regional hegemony and global influence.

KSA has been committing genocide in Yemen for over 3 years with weapons purchased from Western countries including USA and France, as well as backing terrorists in Syria for 7 years. KSA is one of the most notorious violators of women and human rights yet they have a seat at the UN on both boards. The hypocrisy of this entire situation is so blatant and couldn't possibly be easier to understand.

The countries that claim to care the most about human rights are the ones sponsoring domestic and international terrorism, genocide, famine, endless wars, censorship and the sad part is we are just allowing this to continue.

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