Reality check: Gun Control advocates are PRO-gun!

in politics •  10 months ago

Guns will be needed to disarm civilians.

It looks like this:

And if you don't comply...

Don't know what happened there? Learn more: 'The FBI's Forgotten Criminal Record', 9th paragraph

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Threats of gun control laws drive gun sales upwards i.e. very ineffective at reducing number of guns

A good example of where strict gun laws lead is Brazil. Only the police and criminals have guns there. Go look at the never ending videos of violence there to see how it does not work. They have created a hell on Earth. Police there are immediately executed too if the robbers find them.

In other words, the messed up prohibition against law abiding people doesn't even help the police. When regular people get robbed, they have to scream, "I'm not a cop. I'm not a cop!" to avoid being executed. How stupid are we as a species anyway? Let's take the means of defense away from people who should have it, and make criminals out of people like me who'll never disarm. Genius!

Regarding this specific event too, as usual it took over an hour before the supposed shooter was arrested. Government agents didn't do squat to help anyone. They didn't stop the predator. Armed teachers could have. Instead of being a "hero" shielding people with your body, be a real hero and use a weapon to destroy the predator. Since when has laying down like cattle and being executed heroic? Die fighting with or without a weapon. That's heroic.

The only gun control I am in favor of is better background checks, and limiting the rounds a gun can hold plus not being automatic. There are no reason to have automatic or near automatic guns everyday lives.


Background checks do nothing to stop black-market purchasers or thieves from getting guns. Guns and magazines can often be modified to work around limitations on magazine limits and non-automatic-ness. I don't believe the gun used in this most recent school shooting was automatic anyway.

What you are proposing is more of the same "reasonable" legislation which has failed to stop mass shootings everywhere it's been tried.


In the US, more homicides are committed with handguns (so non-automatic and low capacity) and in regions where guns are prohibited entirely (e.g. Chicago and Detroit).


Why am I not allowed to have full auto? I have plenty of military style rifles, and they are not for hunting animals. They are for, as a last resort and when all else fails, hunting people. The military and police will have full auto, and in combat (I am against standing armies and believe we should have militias made up of the whole body of people instead) full auto has a very important role.

I have to say the "gun control" that I agree on would be better mental Healthcare, background checks and better prevention.


Better mental healthcare would be good for sure. The question is how that can be achieved. It's become clear that regulating the healthcare industry has definitely NOT worked. It prevents innovation and holds back the introduction of new medicine, because the established companies may lose their competitive advantage...

I don't know what background checks will achieve. This would only lead to people entering the way more dangerous black market, where those types of regulations aren't respected anyway.


True there! It is definitely a sticky situation in the US..

I've tried to make the same point many times. They call it Nazi gun control theory. It can be theorized back and forth by those with the time. It ain't even that deep, I call it common sense. (Don't yet understand this steemy cash thingy).


Yep, it's just common sense. People are so heavily indoctrinated that they can't imagine laws being rules that are imposed at gunpoint (if needed).