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True Anarchist/Voluntaryist - implement non-violent strategies to achieve a free society.

  • Liberland was founded in April 2015
  • Vít Jedlička is the President and Founder of The Free Republic of Liberland.
  • Has an official Liberland passport.
  • Introduced a "merit-based money system".
  • doesn't allow compulsory education.
  • Liberland is approximately seven square kilometers of land between Croatia and Serbia located alongside the river. The land was unclaimed until the creation of Liberland by Vít Jedlička and companions...

The videos below were chosen to explain more.

Title: Liberland: A New Nation Founded on 'Love and Freedom'
Video posted 02 Sep 2015 by ReasonTV

"We will have a chance to establish a country if it's mainly about love and freedom," says Vit Jedlicka, a 31-year-old Czech politician and the founding president of Liberland.

Nestled on a strip of unclaimed land between Croatia and Serbia, Liberland currently exists as a marshy, mosquito-plagued spit of land in the Danube River that has attracted the ire of its neighboring countries. Jedlicka seeks to create an autonomous nation capable of exisiting with the minimum amount of government authority possible.

With a constitution modeled on that of the United States, Liberland has generated interest in more than 360,000 potential citizens and is, says Jedlicka, open to anyone with a "respect for private ownership” who is tolerant of other people and their beliefs regardless of race, ethnicity, orientation or religion. Criminals, communists, Nazis and “extremists” are discouraged from applying. -ReasonTV Produced by Anthony L. Fisher. Camera by Paul Detrick and Zach Weissmueller. Interview by Matt Welch

Title: Anarchast Ep. 270 Vit Jedlicka: The President of the Anarcho-Capitalist State, Liberland
Video posted 29 Jan 2016 by TheAnarchast

Title: "Build Your Own Schools" - President of Liberland - Vit Jedlicka
Video posted 22 Feb 2017 by Education Options TV

Title: Liberland 3 & 10 Merit COIN 1st anniversary
Video posted 03 Mar 2017 by Massimo Pastorelli

Title: The Man Who Founded The World's First Voluntaryist Nation! - Vít Jedlička on Liberland
Video posted 29 Jul 2017 by World Alternative Media

Title: The President of the Freest Country On Earth - Vit Jedlicka of Liberland
Video posted 30 Jul 2017 by TheAnarchast

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Upvoted and resteemed! Nice bit of research and credits!

Had no idea Liberland existed until yesterday, I need to visit! Thanks for the write up, we truly are living in an amazing time with the spread of voluntarism and anarchy on the rise!

Hi @flatearthvegan good to hear from you!
I first heard about Liberland in Jan 2016 and wanted to find out if it was more than mosquito infested marsh along the river between recovering war-torn territories.
I think there may a video somewhere that is a good tour of Liberland - I wish someone will share a very recent video tour of Liberland so we can see what it is really like.
The challenges must be steep for such a freedom effort sandwiched between empires.

Yes, the progress is seen when fewer people are running in fear when they hear the word "Anarchy" or actually know about "Voluntaryists".

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