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The U.S. government has a $19.9 Trillion dollar debt limit - U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the debt ceiling needs to raised by 29 September 2017 to avoid a U.S. debt default.

So what are the "extraordinary measures" the Treasury use to freeze the "official" debt bill due?
See: Debt Limit

But, what about the missing Trillions at DOD and HUD from fiscal 1998-2015?!

Read and download source documents:
DOD and HUD Missing Money: Supporting Documentation by Catherine, News & Commentary on August 3, 2017

Update from CAF: Dr. Skidmore and his team have now reviewed additional documentation for the Army, Air Force and updates for the DOD general fund, adding $2.6 trillion of undocumentable adjustments. The table below is updated to include these staggering amounts.

How much is a trillion?

Recently, we have gotten used to hearing the word "trillion."
From trillions of dollars of government debt to trillion dollar bailout packages, we are spending enormous sums of money.
However, most of us don't realize how much a trillion actually is.
Dr. Martenson explains how much a trillion is using a few examples, such as a 67.9 mile high stack of $1,000 bills.
As he concludes: "Make no mistake, a trillion is a very, very big number and we should not be lulled into complacency simply because it is too big to really get our minds around.
That should drive us to action instead."

Title: Crash Course: Chapter 11 - How Much is a Trillion? by Chris Martenson
Video posted 23 Feb 2009 by ChrisMartensondotcom

Stocks keep floating higher and higher.
Not because they should, but because central banks have been buying them. It's one of the dumbest things ever. - Chris Martenson

Title: Peak Prosperity News Update 8-11-2017
Video posted 11 Aug 2017 by ChrisMartensondotcom

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