Ode To A Songbird: My Tribute to Johnny "Wet Start" McCain

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As the MSM and Establishment mourn the passing of an "American Hero" many Vietnam veterans such as myself say goodbye and good riddance to a traitor whose actions led to the deaths of more Americans than the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Let's look at some of the things he did that the MSM have conveniently "forgotten."

While stationed on the USS Forrestal in 1967 prankster Lt. Com. John McCain decided to razz the pilot behind him by wet starting his A-4. For anyone not familiar wet starting is letting the fuel build up in the engine before igniting causing a small explosion- something that is not particularly dangerous on land, but on an aircraft carrier, the results can be catastrophic. In this case the "small explosion" detonated a Zuni missile that shot across the deck before exploding killing 144 sailors and injuring numerous others (161). This should have merited a Captain's Mast at the very least with Johnny "Wet Start" getting discharged if not imprisoned. However, little Johnny was the son of Adm. John McCain, so the whole matter was dropped and covered up.

This has been a pattern throughout his life. John graduated 894th out of 899 at Annapolis and it was only because of his father's intervention that he was admitted to flight school. Both his father and grandfather were both Admirals. His father in fact was in charge of the USS Liberty cover up. It is also likely that his family ties were responsible for his being the first injured soldier to be medivaced off the Forrestal.

"His record as a midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy was dismal. He piled up demerits left and right for breaking the rules, and barely passed his schoolwork, graduating 894th in a class of 899."

"That might have been checked off to youthful rebellion. Plenty of kids spent their college years partying but then sobered up after they were slapped in the face by the reality of making it in the outside world. But after he left Annapolis, McCain continued to show the same attitude that had almost got him kicked out of the naval academy."

"He barely passed flight school. And then he crashed two airplanes and damaged a third."

McCain's entire Navy career was riddled with an incompetence born out of a sense of entitlement. McCain saw himself as "untouchable." This probably has a lot to do with his "turning" after being captured in Vietnam. This video is mistakenly labeled "Tokyo Rose" and is in fact "Hanoi Hannah" a propaganda program broadcast out of Hanoi aimed at American servicemen.

"It during his time as prisoner of war is when he showed his true traitorous colors. It wasn’t until August of 2016 when researchers in the National Archives noticed a mislabeled recording while researching declassified files from the CIA. When the researchers listened, they were shocked to discover that it was an unknown “Tokyo Rose” broadcast by John McCain. The recording was aired over the Viet Cong airwaves as propaganda. Video below:"

This is a photo of American pilots held at the infamous Hanoi Hilton followed by a photo of John McCain walking out of the same place looking pretty healthy for having been in captivity for 5 years.


And on a personal note: In 1988 there was a meeting in Phoenix to charter a chapter of the VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) which I attended.McCain showed up (with several bodyguards) and not one of the guys there would shake his hand- not one! Most of the men who served in Nam know the truth about "Songbird." The information he passed on led to more than 60 aircraft being shot down, their pilots either killed or captured. He disclosed the locations of US aircraft carriers and other ships. He did everything in his power to work against America including "ratting out" his fellow prisoners. As he said himself, he got wonderful medical treatment and was treated fairly by his captors (fellow travellers).

McCain's treason didn't stop in Vietnam. When a bill concerning POW/MIA disclosure came up in the Senate he fought against it tooth and nail- fighting to protect bureaucrats at the Pentagon rather than his fellow POW's many of whom wanted their own records released. You really need to see this video!

If I was a better Christian I would forgive him and say a prayer asking God to forgive him as well... If I was a better Christian. I hope that filthy piece of shit burns in Hell for an eternity.




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Indeed McCain will have his day in front of the Almighty God...along with the Clintons, the Bush's and all the others who work for the enemy. Thanks for educating us and spreading the truth @richq11


Thank you my friend!

Very nice summary of the TREASON of this entitled little RAT. Good riddance.


YES!! Should be required reading for every American.

I heard a lot of these stories. I held my nose and voted for him over commie obama. Should have not voted at all. Will resteem for what it's worth.

He can finally vote democrat.

Yup, God bless Donald Trump for flying the American flag at full staff over the Whitehouse. Yet another case where Donald Trump has the incredible courage to buck convention and keep it real.