What is going on in the Philippines right now?

in #politics6 years ago

Hi Steemit users.
I am trying to work on a story regarding what is going on in the Philippines right now. If you have any useful insight, please include links or any other evidence in your comments below.
There are a few things that have crossed my mind about this story that make me wonder if there is something we are not being told:

  1. ISIS and other movements have been gaining momentum in the country for a while now, but the media is only making a big deal now;
  2. while all of this was going on, the president has been focussed on executing drug addicts instead of combatting this problem;
  3. the US was supposed to arm the Philippines but blocked the sale, presumably because of Duterte's desire to work more closely with adversaries Russia and China;
  4. Duterte claims that most of the militants are from the ME. How do they get there, unvetted, etc? the CIA is known to transfer fighters, facilitate their movement, and transportation of weapons etc through the wider middle east to put pressure on unfriendly regimes. Duterte has been challenging the power structure that the CIA represents by cozying to Russia and China. has this happened here, or these are organic fighters on a mission?
  5. or is Duterte just using it as an opportunity to crack down on a particular movement, where Islamist or other?

Please comment below, and let's get this story rolling.

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