BREAKING: Syrian forces strike back at US backed forces

in #politics5 years ago

According to regional outlet al-Masdar, Syrian forces have struck back at the U.S. backed forces after the U.S. launched an air strike on pro-regime forces.


Wow, it is becoming a proxy war between US and Russia.

always has been in my opinion. thanks for the comment, have followed you

History will not look kindly toward USA actions of the early 21st century. Massive false flag attacks worldwide, billions spent sponsoring terrorism, illegal regime change war crimes and the murder of millions not including the more millions displaced or born with depleted uranium-caused birth defects. "They hate us because of our freedoms." They must love us now that we will live in a police-state and have zero constitutionally protected rights. It is absolutely embarrassing being an American with so much of our population brainwashed and our congressional jackals lying to a world that already knows the truth. USA! USA! USA!

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