Politics is Like Two Kids Fighting

in #politics5 years ago

Today I was listening to my kids argue about something completely arbitrary. We had some friends coming over to visit with there kids. My daughter says I can’t wait for Emily to come over. My son says, no I can’t wait for Justin to come over. Then my daughter repeats, No! Emily, No! Justin says my son. It goes back and forth for several minutes before I break it up. D2D5BCBA-A275-4101-BDFD-6A8B4E2D9CAA.jpeg

Same family coming over, arguing about two kids coming over, who ARE coming over.......

Sounds like the federal government, two parties arguing over the same thing, how much they are gonna spend. Fighting over nothing. The family was coming with both kids. The spending is coming, with both parties voting on it. They argue, just to argue. How annoying, like listing to my kids argue.

Actually I’d rather hear my kids argue than a bunch of idiot politicians.


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Politics is at least two side arguing and both know for sure they and only they are right and the other side is a complete idiot party.

Forget this, I mixed up libertarian and voluntarism.

If they stuck to their list of powers they wouldn't have much to do anymore...

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