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Bare with me as I'm not a professional writer. This is my first Steemit post. I guess I should probably go back and do the Introduce yourself part first,but I'll get to it later.

So now back to the movie. I thought the movie was really good. I'm not sure exactly how accurate it was, and it didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. But what it did do was bring everything back to top of mind and I think that could be very important for people to remember what is being done to them. I'm open minded in my thinking and my opinion, so I stay some what aware of these types of things. But It seems like I had pretty accepted that this is just the world we lie in now.  Most people forget so quickly or never cared to begin with. Me I didn't think I was one of those people but I had just started to not really care. Id still cover the lap top camera put my phone away when talking about things Id rather be kept private. But this is just out of habit I had forgotten how bad it is. I think this movie will help to wake people up again, bring things back to top of mind and maybe push people to do something about it. Weather it be simple as downloading TOR and VPN. Hell I heard MIT has something even better than TOR they have been working on. Download an encrypted SMS . Pressure your cell phone providers to provide peer to peer encryption. I thinking voting and playing within the system is a waste of energy, but we can side step it. And if enough people do a few little safety measures we can at least make there job of spying on us a whole a lot harder. 


I'm going to see this tonight.

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