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Uk set for brexit
After the conservatives claimed a victory and managing to get a majority government. The people have clearly demanded a clean brexit.
According to Boris this would take place in the new year.
We will now be out of Europe and rather than taking orders from a few unelected European assholes, we will now be taking orders from the bunch of British assholes.
Will it make any difference to the average joe?
Ofcourse it will. In the short term there will be a price hike and eventually it will level out.
How long?
No idea. Trade deals are not done over night so this could be hard for the lesser fortune in society. Which is majority of people.
Conservatives are good for business and this election along with others have shown that money makes the major decisions
Corbyns socialist manifesto clearly didnt sit well with people. Then again which socialist government survives. They usually end up being overthrown by the US and its allies including the Uk. So probably the best all round

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