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in #politics6 years ago (edited)

Is Trump a Hero of a Stateless Future, or the Worst Possible Leader of the "Free World", for those who desire an End to The State?

Maybe he's not as dumb as y'all think .. MAYBE HE IS JUST FOLLOWING THE PLAN!!??

Maybe he's a anti-state nihilistic anarcho-capitalist who wants to destroy faith in government, COMPLETELY!


It is important for people to look at the man's beliefs prior to him becoming a deranged clown - it is there that you can discover underlying motivation and objective.

The truth .. behind the lies, behind those lies . because that is how far it is buried .. left vs right is nonsense, there is no left or right, there are two-wings of the same Power Party representing the richest of the rich .. they simply swap seats from time to time.

Only someone like a Trump could get in there and mess things up to such a degree, that the truth will finally be seen, and real change becomes possible. Until then, be prepared to be Shocked n Awed by the idiocy, and disgusted by the biblical levels of collateral damage.

People with too much money and time on their hands, who have a little power or media clout, plot and scheme all day long - they want more. When you have spent as much time in the property market, you run up against government at all levels, state, and feds .. and if you have had "tax problems" as Donald has, that is a recipe for a serious degree of hate. It is not far-fetched to think that the man is making as massive a farce as he possibly can, crapping all over decades of "progress", with a secret message for everyone .. " You Do Not Need Government, It Takes and Does Not Give Much Back, and When It Does Act, People Die " .. from bombs or rapidly dropping quality of life.

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