H1B premium visa delivery temporary barrier

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The application for H1B visas will begin on April 2. The H1-B visa issuance process is tough and it is shocking to the Indian IT sector. However, visa issuance is currently temporarily blocked. US Citizenship Ship and Immigration Services All types of H1B visa premium processing has been prevented, with the 2019 annual limit applications being scheduled to take place on October 01, 2018. The new policy will be hit by companies that are planning to recruit highly skilled professionals, including India, in areas where skilled employees are less in the US. H-1B application process to begin from April 2; Premium processing suspended US President Donald Trump has regulated control of H-1B visa numbers after coming to power, bringing a lot of change. "It is advisable to emphasize the skill-based immigration system. Candidates can access the US only if they have a good track record and a good track record. Click Here For Assembly Election News | What party does it have? Imagine yourself, 2.47 lakh Indians filed applications from October 1, 2016 to June 30 and 2017. The number of petitions has declined compared to 2015-16. During this period, 3 lakh people applied for H-1B visas

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