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RE: Agenda 21 For Dummies - The aquahelix Guide - Chapter 1

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This is really a lot to take in. You have linked a few events together not concretely but enough for me to really wonder about. Maybe the next few articles will cement it for me. Regardless the Agendas' existence itself is a troubling things - in government hands.

I do not however like calling it "sinister" and then linking it to SA government because it would be cognitive dissonance at it's best were Zuma , Helen Zille and the other idiots even capable of executing a plan on such a broad scale, sinister is too smart a word for what they are doing to South Africa.

I do not prescribe so much to conspiracy as I personally just dislike the term as I find it tries to absolve the parties involved - just my opinion.

Call them what they are. Human Scum.

Great article and a new take on everything , waiting expectantly for more.
I am so sick of the Gupta clap trap. I don't even read, watch or listen to news and I am sick of it.


I just found something about half an hour ago, that I’m still struggling to process. But it’s a massive smoking gun. But I’m busy writing a small rush piece on it.. I will post it shortly. Hope to hear your feedback

You a South African too mate @penderis? Can't wait for the smoking gun, let me guess ramapooza?

I am South African, not by choice though I was just born here. 😃 .

LOL where you based? Well I am proudly RSA, just so proud of the clowns ruining I mean running it. Goes without saying eh..

I am in Klerksdorp, North West.

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