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RE: Someone put some Biden memes on a billboard near where I live in NC

in #politics3 months ago

the President is merely a guy who has to sign some stuff, he doesn't actually have to be able to think or talk.

When I hear people calling for his impeachment, I say "let's leave him there so more of us can see he is not the entity making the decisions." If he stays, we have a better chance of finding out who IS running the show. It clearly is not Biden.


There have been presidents that were bad at interviews in the past that seem to have been installed by their connections. George W Bush comes to mind, but the dude could at least remember where he was and read a teleprompter. Biden is just remarkable in how evident it is that he isn't making any decisions at all. Yeah, I say leave him there too.... this is becoming very eye-opening for everyone regardless of where they stand politically.

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