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I’m not a believer of wine and politics, unless it’s the former required to dull the senses when you realise how much of your money the government takes. However a request has come through to put down some thoughts on current political matters so I thought why not – after all there’s currently plenty of material.

Close to home there was recently the annual budget in NZ. This was quite a hoot for those not of a left leaning persuasion. The current centre-right government produced a coup delivering a centre-left budget, taking more of the centre ground where elections are historically won. The centre-left opponents have been run by trade unionists for some time (we know that never ends well) and have increasingly vacated the centre ground. The real laugh came when a support party (Greens aka Eco-Communists) of the centre-left actually voted for the new budget, despite the protestations of the larger centre-left party. The local indigenous people were happy with the budget as more money would go to their relatives and family members in prison. And to add insult to the “lefty” wound, the previous leader of the centre-right was given a knighthood for services to the country in the recent Queen’s Birthday honours. No unionists or communists were honoured.

There was also a recent visit by the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, to the South Pacific island. He was greeted by the local populous lining the streets giving him the bird as he drove by (this was days after Trump had pulled out of the Paris sham-greement). He must have thought the country was full of village idiots until it was pointed out to him these were in fact professional idiots in the employ of eco-terrorists like Greenpeace and co.

So moving on, we have the UK election in the next 24 hours. What apparently was a master-stroke by Theresa May in calling a snap election when light years ahead in the polls has seen that lead erode significantly, such that the Communists lead by their deluded leader, Jeremy Corbyn, now have a remote chance of success, at least if the wobbly polls are to be believed.

The Conservatives led by Theresa May sensibly want a smooth exit from a commune-driven Europe that has bled them of billions of pounds for decades to prop up the basket cases. They also aim to spend wisely in health, education and reduce corporate tax to remain competitive.

On the other hand, Corbyn’s communists want to nationalise everything and raise corporate taxes. Essentially the “tax and spend where we think best” wont of the left. This is the policy that will take the UK back to the 1970’s and we all know that didn’t go well until a lady called Maggie came along and cracked a few heads. A British friend of mine thinks the nation has taken to the bottle as there is no other rational explanation for the rise of the “Commies” in the polls. He also thinks the UK should cut ties with the Scots as they’re just drunken rabble-rousers.

German anti-communist propaganda poster, c1939-c1945. Artist: Erik

So I mentioned the Paris sham-greement earlier. Not much more to mention here other than a non-binding, sign up to what you want to agreement, hot on the heels of a similar agreement (Kyoto) that never worked, will never work again. Each country will carve a path that suits them best, irrespective of what they signed up to. China have a vested interest in making bucket loads of cash in renewables like solar and hydro so they’re pushing it. India, who seem to have a coal-fueled power plant on every street corner to light up the Coca-cola neon signs, were allowed to sign but not agree to do anything. This agreement is simply another example of the pc populist nonsense the media has pedalled for decades which the public have finally given in to.

On the back of this sham-greement is the carbon trading scheme. This is the biggest scam and one Bernie Madoff would wish he’d thought of. Nobody knows where the money goes, nor for what purpose, other than those being paid are shady characters skimming huge fees. There is no regulation, no standard price. It’s essentially the return of the Wild West.
Donald Trump was quite correct in pulling out of this totally nonsensical agreement driven by the utopian desires of the loony left.

And speaking of loony’s, if Nobel gave a prize for looniness then Kim Jong Un would be a repeat recipient. Trumpy cleverly spurred him into rebellious action and then smartly left town, pointing out to China he’s closer to your capital than mine so you sort him out.

Image courtesy of Daily Mail

The US cyber-experts have KJU’s missiles under control, witnessed by the failure of a couple recently. Have a watch of “Zero Days” how the US mucked around with Iran’s nuclear programme. And this was under Obama’s watch. Imagine what a person with backbone could do with this resource?

Finally, can someone please pass the co-ordinates of HR Clinton to KJU. Her constant whining is a great advocate for euthanasia and the world should be put out of her misery.

Please note there were no polar bears threatened nor killed in the production of this blog.

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