Magnet Madness...

in #politics5 years ago

Wait, so you LITERALLY have to disable part of the brain - with a magnet - to think like a Leftist?

Maybe the magnets pull the screws loose...

This actually explains a lot as it seems to have worked on Mark Zuckerberg.
Soon to be weaponized by the mighty money slurping, all destructive, 'Defence' Industry. They could have already started the implementation. This must be what the walk through security portals at airports are really doing.

But, they did a study? What would participants allow themselves to be studied like this? That in itself would be 'nuts'!

Soon they'll be putting magnets in the voting booths!

No magnets lying around. No problem! Another effective way is to watch 12 hours of CNN and MSNBC each day.

... So does holding a cell phone up your ear all the time make you a Demonrat? I'm sure cell phones do a great job!


I really like your post. Are we doomed? I am afraid we are.

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