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This is very interesting, for sure. I wonder how much of politics (and business) revolves around high-school-level friendships or petty jealousies?

Skull & Bones boys. Robert Mueller and John Kerry were BEST FRIENDS from Way Back! #BonesMen

They've been on the same team for a long time.

NumbSKULL (left) and BONEhead (right).
May they all end up in prisons separately!

How about this one? We know we are not part of this whatever it is. Decades and ancestors.

It looks like a meeting of the horse-face club...
No, horses are beautiful. These two are just plain wicked ugly.

More friends ... Pre-planning or predetermined?

The Swamp plumbing is all interconnected & beneath the surface, hidden from view. Meanwhile, the deep-state plot thickens...

The self-appointed Elites need to be flushed!

More interesting is the realisation that must eventually come to many Americans that they are having their country stolen from them by the mediocre cohort of the lucky sperm club.


The real world, real nepotism

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