They would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven.

in #politics2 years ago


Just one of the great lefty conflicts presented to us as if it were NOT a conflict...

  1. tax and regulation and other policy is made to prevent some from getting too far ahead of others economically. Leftists believe that all success is due to some kind of supremacism, and all failure is due to prejudice and bias holding people down unfairly, so... the way to justly rebalance the economy is to hold down the successful and promise that success to the lower class... even though delivering on the promise isn't really a priority for them. Knocking DOWN the achievers, that's their priority, because in leftist politics the prosperous middle class is a political threat to their power. So the harm they do to the economy is part of their long term plan to hold power.

  2. at the same time, they propose free college to a bunch of minority and lower class kids, saying if they can just get a good education despite the bias of the "system", they'll be set for success and ready to take advantage of every opportunity.

On the one hand, they promise a college education along with vast opportunity to marginalized young people. Succeed like the white people have! It's all yours now!

On the other hand, they busily DESTROY ALL OPPORTUNITY, by wrecking small business and harming entrepreneurs who provide MOST of the jobs.

Get a degree, kids, and come and get yourself a piece of this lack of opportunity.

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