US Debt To Hit $30 Trillion In 2028 Under Trump Budget. — Steemit

US Debt To Hit $30 Trillion In 2028 Under Trump Budget.

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On Friday, with the US on the verge of another government shutdown and debt ceiling breach (with the agreement reached only after the midnight hour, literally) Moody's warned Trump that he should prepare for a downgrade from the rating agency that refused to join S&P in downgrading the US back in August 2011. The reason: Trump's - and the Republicans and Democrats - aggressive fiscal policies which will sink the US even deeper into crippling debt while widening the budget deficit, resulting in "meaningful fiscal deterioration."

In short: a US downgrade due to Trumponomics appears inevitable. And incidentally, with Friday's 2-year debt ceiling extension, it means that once total US debt resets - unburdened by the debt ceiling - it will be at or just shy of $21 trillion.

With interest rates at 5000 year lows, what could possibly go wrong?!

The Debt has doubled every 8 years for the last 30+ years, so extrapolating that forward, it will be 40 trillion by 2024. Trump has changed nothing about that trajectory.

NO Worries . . . We can keep Shorting Paper GOLD into Oblivion and that will take Care of Everything . . .

Sure, the debt is bad, currencies are fake, markets are rigged, but where else ya gonna go? Real stuff just goes down in price. I'm sure that can go on forever...

Spoiler: Alert!!!

They are borrowing the money from you. Most of the folks here know it but the general populace doesn't have a fucking clue and won't until they are forking over a $20 for a can of pork and beans.

**Edit, that's probably not accurate... that's probably happening at whole foods already. Let's make it $40 a can.

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