Trump Might Think The Crash Is A Fed Plot To Discredit Him.

in politics •  10 months ago

It’s becoming clear this crash isn’t based on any one particular piece of news. Its as likely it was tipped into a sellathon by inflation expectations, the return of the Philips curve and wage inflation, rising and normalising interest rates, rising bond yields as much as hubris on Trump’s comments about his successes making stock markets rise.

Plenty of stuff the Deep State don't want us to notice at the moment. The Memo. PizzaGate. Everything else.

Well. Its pretty fucking suspicious.

All really convenient how when Trump starts phase II of Mission Deep State Sun Tan that the markets start taking a shit.

But then I've been predicting it since the minute the Federal Reserve magically spun their outlook from "oh we have to go slow" when they thought Hillary was going to win to "oh god we need 3 rate hikes this year" after Trump won. If you have watched "The Money Masters" on Youtube by Bill Still then you know that the Private Central Bankers love to fleece the sheep after the market has risen for a long time.

Until we have monetary diversity we'll be stuck in the same economic 1st gear. True economic liberty is the cure for this. We have so many marginalized people that are under utilized in the USA because the powers that bee don't want to share any of their power with anyone. They'd rather rule a shithole than allow liberty where they serve.

Added Note: Don't forget the Janet's hideous purple coat at the end of Jan 2017.......

Now do you want to bet that the FedRes does not want to risk too much upheaval yet? Then wait a bit and BTFD. Or are they ready to "Pull it" in the words of Larry Silverstein.

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