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in politics •  9 months ago

Dotcom tweeted "Let me assure you, the DNC hack wasn't even a hack. It was an insider with a memory stick. I know this because I know who did it and why," adding "Special Counsel Mueller is not interested in my evidence. My lawyers wrote to him twice. He never replied.

Dotcom's assertion is backed up by an analysis done last year by a researcher who goes by the name Forensicator, who determined that the DNC files were copied at 22.6 MB/s - a speed virtually impossible to achieve from halfway around the world, much less over a local network - yet a speed typical of file transfers to a memory stick.

The local transfer theory of course blows the Russian hacking narrative out of the water, lending credibility to the theory that the DNC "hack" was in fact an inside job, potentially implicating late DNC IT staffer, Seth Rich.

I love that fat fucker.

C'mon Kim, give it to us, we know you want it. Seth Rich, political death squad, so we can send these fuckers to Guantanamo, NOW.

We are one leaker, one turn states evidence away from the wheels coming off.

There is a power struggle going on Gents this might get really messy.

His name was Seth Rich. No?

The establishment would smear Seth Rich if his name was ever released. I'm sure that's what the family fears too. The establishment would say he was a traitor being paid by Russia. If they can smear living people and make up evidence, imagine how easy it is to do the same to the dead.

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