"It's Madness" - 'Mad Max' Violence Soars On Venezuela's Lawless Roads.

in politics •  8 months ago

Last summer, we highlighted the crisis in Venezuela had reached new depths as a gang of Mad-Max-like bikers chase down and attack a truck (with molotov cocktails) to steal its sugar payload...

The flamingo-eating, wild-horse-slaying, rabbit-breeding-for-food utopian society is falling apart as Reuters reports that while truck heists have long been common in Latin America’s major economies from Mexico to Brazil, looting of cargoes on roads has soared in Venezuela in recent times.

The bottoms not in until they start eating each other. Mmm I'd eat that bitch. In Venezuela first you get the motorcycles, then you get the sugar convoy, then you get the women!

Maduro must be so glad he doesn't drive a bus any more after this story.

What, no 2nd Amendment in Venezuela? What could possibly go wrong? Only the gov't and criminals have guns, a socialist paradise.

Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner. The 2nd Amendment is where the "sheep" is armed, thus equalizing the situation. Police departments, around the world, exist to INVESTIGATE crimes, not prevent those crimes. An armed citizen, who is trained in the use of his/her weapon, is the equalizer in an unequal situation. In the country mentioned in the article, Venezuela, all citizens are DIS-ARMED, thus preventing them from defending themselves. I hope this gives you an idea, for your smaller sized brain. I also hope I did not over-load you with too much information.

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It is almost like Africa, just with better roads.