George Soros To EU: Fight Populism, Regulate Social Media.

in politics •  9 months ago

George Soros is taking his rhetoric a step further and calling for supranational governments to intervene and regulate Facebook, Google and other large social media websites.

Due to social media use, he claimed people are losing freedom of mind, adding: This danger does not loom only in the future; it played an important role in the 2016 US presidential election.

President Donald Trump would like to establish his own mafia-style state, he said, claiming the President was part of the same problem as North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un.

In the US, regulators are not strong enough to stand up to the monopolies’ political influence. The EU is better positioned, because it doesn’t have any platform giants of its own, he continued.

The EU commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager is the champion of the European approach, he added, praising the bureaucrat who recently visited Communist Cuba without condemning human rights abuses in the nation.

Mr. Soros, who has been convicted of insider trading, is also suspected of attempting to interfere in U.S. elections, and his name came up around 60 times in emails released by WikiLeaks relating to the recent presidential race.

Well the "migrant crisis" - which began all at once, is completely manufactured and premised on economic migrants seeking FREE SHIT.

Europeans are being forced to pay for their own demographic replacement.

Maybe ‘white genocide’ was a bad term but it should be clear to even the most obtuse that ‘tptb’ are systematically working to replace Whites as majorities in every nation on earth.

Italy, Germany, Sweden and the US and Canada will lose white majorities in my lifetime... but still the Far Left, and Globalists demand MOAR immigration while attacking Whites (and "whiteness") relentlessly.

Soros stil drawing breath essentially means that the European peoples have chosen suicide in preference to being called ‘racist’ by communists, corporatists, and people who simply HATE ethnic Europeans and Christians.

People are waking up from the globalist bullshit hypnotism; they will shortly note their pockets have been picked clean.

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