Would you support Bernie in 2020? Answer is NO.

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This commentary is a little lengthy. And hopefully it's interesting as well as entertaining.

Sorry, but no. It's over. He can't beat Trump.

I'll explain why at the end of this commentary. I believe progressive readers will appreciate the perspective of why he'll lose to Trump and perhaps provide them with some interesting thoughts to ponder.

Even the progressives who supported Bernie won't vote for him in 2020.

Look at a few of the perceived details. Bernie sold out to a bunch of criminal elitists that did nothing but screw he and his voters over, then attempt to screw Trump over, and before all that... they screwed Ron Paul over (2012). They are the same elitists on both sides of the political scale. That's a legit perception even if some of it is incorrect.

Then they attempted to cover up their tracks with dangerously false accusations and mockeries. I dare not journey too far down that rabbit hole on why they are doing that. However it is a dynamic that cannot be ignored.

To top it off, these elitists can't seem to stop themselves. They pile it on with baseless accusation after accusation using their contacts in the media to push their agenda forward. It's a dangerous game they are playing. And it's one the entire Democratic Party is being dragged down with because over 80% of Hollywood and the mainstream media appears to be liberal.

If you, the reader, do a REAL investigation and use COGNITIVE REASONING you will see through all of this non-sense. Just grow a thick skin and ignore the disgusting names you'll probably be called by the judgmental and misinformed among us. I digress.

If the Democratic Party really wants to defeat Trump, they'll need someone like a Tulsi Gabbard or perhaps Nina Turner to run. They need someone with real integrity who doesn't fall for the elitists' tricks and baseless accusations. That eliminates people like Elizabeth Warren. That eliminates people like Maxine Waters. It eliminates people like Chuck Schumer and it eliminates anyone Hillary Clinton may questionably endorse.

But even if someone like Tulsi Gabbard does run, they are going to be met with the same elite forces the other aforementioned met. If Bernie couldn't beat the elite to win the primaries, how are they going to do it? Then on top of that, how are they going to defeat Trump in a general election?
Whether they can beat Trump or not remains to be seen.

Answer: Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks.
Have you ever noticed anytime President Trump uses words to attack Mark Cuban he says "Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame"? Even to this very day he does that. Why?

In 2007, Donald Trump explained it in his book Think Big and Kick Ass. Mark Cuban, Martha Stewart, along with several other attempted to piggy back off of Trump's success with the Apprentice. The Benefictor starring Mark Cuban was one of those shows. It was a complete flop and one that irritated Trump for attempting to cheapen his brand. He never let it go and he proved to the world that he was right.

Bernie Sanders is just the next Mark Cuban. He's the guy that tried to take on the elite and wall street and yet failed to defeat the same elitists in his own party. Trump defeated those same forces on his side. President Trump will remind him and the world of that fact every day that he and Bernie campaign. The people will have it stuck in their heads on election day 2020. It's over. He can't win.

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I think the guy means well nothing against him but he is a socialist. Socialism does not work not in theory or real life. Nothing is free, someone has to pay for it.

Pardon and forgiveness are the strongest paths worth exploring
Saying this to myself.

If I could re-edit I would erase the parts that could feel too judgmental or self righteous even though I wasn't trying to be.

If there is a path to forgiveness and peace then always take it. Sometimes pardon and forgiveness are the only paths worth exploring

I've re-read this a few time and don't like what I wrote at all. Sounds too judgmental even though I wasn't trying to be. I think I was aiming to be unemotionally factual. Things move so fast in this world that who will remember what was going on at the time this was written or even understand all the innuendos a year from now?