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Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. The roots and fruits of the media's 'truths'/ issues. Clips and quips about important topics in the news. Donald Grahn the creator of this group has put together a star cast who focus on getting the truth out to the American people. The four men entertain while covering important life issues that effect us all. Jay-Michael Anderson, Scott Bennett, and Dr. Jim Fetzer discuss weekly events and their conclusions. It is a no-holds barred show that leaves one feeling that finally someone in today's media does not fabricate everything that is coming out of their mouths.

The reports are passionate and given on a nonpartisan platform. This news show is one I never miss. It is accurate and a program everyone should watch if they want to wake up. You-tube took this channel off of youtube due to their Nazi book and video burning tactics. It is a great thing we have other alternatives such as D-Tube, Bitchute, and Thank-you! Also thank-you Truth News crew!

This episode is Mike Adams, the Health Ranger's article discussing Dr. Fetzer and stating that he has the most dangerous mind in America. Agreed! To the NWO at least. If a majority of Americans could let go of that huge ego everyone seems to be carrying around and listen to what this man has to say we could be a lot closer to putting an end to this evil. At least listening to him and then researching for yourself.

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