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Apparently my post on political correctness caught some flack and resulted in receiving a private message from someone who will remain anonymous. But I will break down his rant and comment as I see fit.

"Honest to god, nothing has ever wanted me to punch another person in the face more than the absolute piece of trash that you call a coherent piece of writing that you posted on Steemit recently. Since you're all about avoiding political correctness, I'm going to speak your language tell you blatantly that you are a complete *sshole. And here's why!"

Okay I will start here first. Apparently mystery man here is getting in his emotions right off the bat. Even going so far as to say that he wants to "punch me in the face" because of my opinions.

THIS IS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS PEOPLE: "Agree with me or I'll hurt you!" Yeah, now I'm really going to take what you say seriously. For the record, facts don't care about your feelings! But I digress.

"Your inane ramblings seem to extract their sources from something along the lines of 4chan and /r/MGTOW and that's about it. Maybe you think you're "red-pilled" and you're "seeing past the bullst" but honest to god, this is the same bullst that people have always fed you."

Okay listen. Yes I have learned some things from MGTOW and some of the right-leaning outlets. But what you didn't even think to realize is that I have looked at it from the alternative point of view as well. I am neither right or left. But what I am is aware that what you are falling into is the divide and conquer scam. As a matter of fact I will go as far as to say that you probably love this. But you love it ignorantly not knowing what you are walking into. Do some research (outside of the TV and government approved textbooks that is).

As far as what has been "fed" and what I choose to believe I can say the same thing about you! I'm only speculating here but if I had to guess, I believe the information you are fed is through the controlled MSM. And if you think that is informing you then you got destroyed before you even opened your mouth.

Do you REALLY believe the media is telling you the truth on everything??? If you do, you should take a seat.

The difference between me and you mystery man is that I do this thing called thinking. I form my own opinions and not just roll-over and accept a narrative that was spoon fed to me to believe. Certainly not by a government who is hell-bent on selling its citizens out. But you would have to think to see that.

"Majority sentiment has always been against providing basic respect and decency toward minority populations, and any pushback from the minority will immediately be blown out of proportion where any simple request they may make is turned into a huge, unrealistic labor. It's always been this way. When slaves desired freedom, they were whipped, lynched and tortured to death. That was popular sentiment, and some people that you align with by taking ideas from 4chan and other online sh*tholes would still like to do that. People you align with by making this post here would happily have another goddamn Holocaust."

Of course a Nazi reference was going to be brought up here. For the love of sanity come up with something else. Really this is old. If you are assuming that because of my convictions that I don't have basic decency and respect for minorities then you really need to get to know me better. But you already made up your mind that I am this complete a-hole. So what's the point?

For the record, I am well aware of slavery and its implications. And it is a tragedy what my ancestors suffered.

Oh and here's another question: How many of your ancestors suffered under slavery? I don't know the answer to this, only you and your loved ones do. But if you have no ancestors in your own family tree that have not been through this, then why are you even opening your mouth on the subject?? It doesn't even concern you. It seems like you are trying to attach yourself to a cause to make yourself feel better about what your ancestors did. So again, take a seat.

Now let me give you something else to chew on: SLAVERY NEVER ENDED. NOW WE ALL ARE SLAVES, INCLUDING YOU MYSTERY MAN. Something tells me that you are well aware of this but want to keep tight lipped on it. For whatever reason that may be I don't care.

On top of that, when did I say in this post that I wanted to burn Jews or throw them in concentration camps? Since my posts seem to be endorsing another "g*ddamn holocaust" can you point out where i said we should be killing ANYONE? You can't. So you're cut right there.

"For the love of fcking god, here you are complaining that you are being asked to change your behavior in such a minuscule way in order to respect someone else's existence and in the meantime we as a country can't decide if it's acceptable to punch people who want to throw Jews in ovens. Are you fcking serious? This is really the most pressing issue for you? You're a f*cking joke."

What behavior are you asking me to change?? You want me to accept this delusional behavior by studying 60+ genders just so I can make sure I'm using the right pronoun? You want me to accept immigration regardless of what's going on in Europe? Do you know what's going on in Europe with the refugees? Can you even locate European countries on a map without them being labeled in front of you? And again you want to punch me for saying that "I want Jews in an oven" when I didn't even say that. So you threatened me twice! Just for something that I didn't agree with.

Here I will even throw you a bone:


BUT if you are going to sit here and have the nerve to say I should be punched because of something that I don't agree with, then WHO IS THE NAZI?? Is it the one who is speaking his mind peacefully not inciting violence? Or is the one who decided to write a thesis saying why I'm an *sshole and deserve to be punched? You may not want to take a poll on that, you might be disappointed with the results.

"Quite obviously you are too busy worrying about your freedom of speech being infringed upon to actually learn about the things you're giving opinions on. You don't even give a shit about women in Saudi Arabia, and you don't give a shit about violence in black communities. You just give a shit about yourself and your "red-pilled" ideas that you pulled from a movie made by two trans women about how fragile and toxic masculinity and blind oppression is."

Do YOU care about women in Saudi Arabia?? You really are foolish to even bring that up. If I didn't care I wouldn't have mentioned it. And if you give a crap, then take your ass to Saudi Arabia and do something about it. And that goes for the black communities as well. And if I didn't care about the violence in the black communities, why did I start a business with another so-called negro? That business I own is "black owned". And I started it to give people in that community to get their music out so they don't have to bend over for the major labels. And if I only "gave a sh*t about myself" why would I warn people that bad times are coming? What changes are you making for society besides changing your gender? Punching nazis (or those you believe to be Nazis in your fantasy world of delusion) won't cut it.

No people like you want to say "shut up" and "you're crazy", and "stop with the conspiracy theories". I put myself at risk every day by saying what I say. So if am only caring about myself, then I must really suck at it. Maybe you should stop your self-righteous rant in thinking you are so great because you tolerate damn near everything just because you want everyone to accept you. Forget about having a valid disagreement. I just want to be 'tolerant' and 'loving'. By the way, good job with that Mr. "I-want-to-punch-you-because-I-don't-agree-with-you".

"I'm now so utterly sickened by the fact that I extended a breadth of humanity to a person who thinks that I don't deserve basic respect. I am a goddamn trans man and since you're so intent on upholding your bullshit gender standards, I'm much more of a man than you could ever hope to be. Your obsession over the "pussification of society" as your crowd likes to call it will only lead to your goddamn death, because when the KKK takes over, you're just going to be another black man in their way. You don't get any respect in their eyes. You're not even human. You are a threat to their goal of white supremacy. It doesn't matter if you agree with them. You are their enemy. So don't kid yourself—in the end, when a KKK member points a gun at your head, it's going to be Black Lives Matter who's going to come to your defense. Because BLM stands for all black people, even flaming morons like you who can't be fucked enough to bother reading anything other than his alt-right horseshit while claiming he's seeing "both sides."

Point out where I said that I didn't respect you. You can't BECAUSE I DIDN'T SAY THAT I DON'T RESPECT YOU. I said that you are welcome to be whoever you want to be. But I draw a line when the State says "do it this way or we will put you in a cage and take your money". Really?? You're okay with that?? Something is wrong with you then. And quite frankly at this point I could give two craps about what you think of me now. All you did was come with no logic and all emotion: AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT AMERICA HAS BECOME! A society of people like you.

If you want to do something good with your life then maybe start by realizing I am not your enemy. I am not impeding on your freedoms to be a trans male. Go for it. But you want me to ignore basic biology in order to placate your ego, NO! And if you get the government involved that makes you even worse. The government isn't your friend. They always have an agenda. So if you are celebrating the fact that the government is "on your side", then you a wake up call coming that will hit you like a ton of bricks.

Forget that I may not fully understand your choice, you just assumed that I hated you or didn't respect you because of it. And I will be damned if someone as ignorant as you choose to be will force me to agree with this.

As far as Black Lives Matter is concerned, again answer this:

WHY WON'T BLM GO INTO THE COMMUNITIES WHERE BLACK PEOPLE ARE KILLING EACH OTHER AND SAYING THIS?? Isn't that the core audience? Yes there are pockets of racism within America, but America itself is not a racist country. I'm not running for my life fearing being hung by a white man or that a white man is going to tie me to the bumper of their truck and drag me all over New York City.

And as far as the KKK, their ideology is dying. It's 2017, so most people don't even think like that anymore. As a matter of fact, most white people nowadays align with BLM rather than the KKK (which is just as scary, if not scarier). And also for the record, BLM has advocated for killing white people and taking their property. Are you okay with that?? And I know that you are white so again I ask you Mr. Man of Mystery, ARE YOU OKAY WITH BLM KILLING YOU AND TAKING YOUR STUFF ALL IN THE NAME OF SOCIAL JUSTICE?

If you say yes to that, then WOW! If you don't, then from some perspective (whether you like it or not) you agree with me. So while you're screaming "Black Lives Matter", they are saying "Is this whiteboy serious? Does he not realize that we blame his entire race for all of our problems?"

And another thing. If the white man is really holding the black person down: WHY DO THESE PEOPLE WORSHIP A WHITE JESUS AS GOD (at least those who are practicing Christianity)????

"You wanna do yourself a favor? Find two brain cells to rub together and come to the conclusion that perhaps the world doesn't revolve around you, and perhaps the fact that there are people in the White House who have actively advocated for white supremacy is maybe a bigger issue than your bullshit take on political correctness. Because really, when you say you're not politically correct, that just means you want to be an asshole and have no one force you to face the consequences of it."

Yeah i found those brain cells by the way. Turns out I have more than two. Imagine that. But while I'm locating brain cells why don't you locate a clue and think outside the television and the government propaganda. And no sh*t I know the world doesn't revolve around me. It doesn't revolve around you either. Or any one individual. You basically said I'm an *sshole for not agreeing with you. So my conclusion is that you don't like independent minded people. Only people who will regurgitate the nonsense you will accept as truth.

The only type of speech that is not acceptable as free speech is speech that incites violence like when BLM advocates for the death of the white race. Or when ANTIFA starts a trend of insult and attack those who don't agree with you. So the ones advocating hate speech are those two groups right there. But somehow you will convince yourself that they are good just because I stated they were bad.

But you know what if I'm still an *sshole, at least my head doesn't fit securely up there like yours does.


My life is my message.

- Mahatma Gandhi

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