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One of the things that I greatly appreciated about living in America was freedom of speech.

Being able to share opinions, ideas, have debates and brainstorm with others.

Being able to speak your mind regardless of whether anyone agreed with you or not (and certainly not have to worry about being attacked, insulted, or silenced).

But in 2017 political correctness has become the norm.

You literally have to walk on egg shells just so you don't offend someone, whether it is "using the wrong gender pronoun" (don't worry I will discuss this in today's post) or "agreeing with one of Trump's policies" (not saying that I do, I'm merely making a point) or "believing that women are not oppressed in first world nations" (We do not live in a 'rape culture', knock it off).

Well let me warn you ahead of time:


So if you would like to jump ship now, this is your chance.

Oh, and before you leave: GROW A SPINE!

Now for you who are brave and greatly appreciate speaking freely, regardless of how you feel about it, let's get some things straight:


Before I speak about the pro noun issue. I want to let you know that I recently came across the asinine information that there are SIXTY-THREE (63) GENDERS NOW.

Honestly, I don't really care if you as an individual want to identify as a man, woman, gender neutral, or as an attack helicopter.

The problem is when people want to force me to play along with their little fantasy and then to make things worse, you want to get the State involved to fine and/or imprison me if I don't go along with this game.

YEAH, now I have to draw the line!

You people do realize that this thing with the all the multiple genders is new. There were only two biological genders when I was a child. So to say that this is natural or normal, sorry, I don't buy it.

As I stated with my MGTOW post, this looks to be another thread in a depopulation agenda. Think about it this way:

If a woman feels like she is a man, and then goes through expensive surgery just to make this transition, she is WILLINGLY giving up her ability to reproduce in order to play out her subjective fantasy. (Yes I did say "her")

The same thing applies for a man who wants to be a female.

The problem is that the suicide percentage among transgenders are 40%+. So it appears that even after they have made their transition into the gender they identify with, THEY ARE STILL NOT HAPPY.

Yet people still want to play along with this delusion as if somehow it will make the world better. Or because they don't want to offend anyone. SINCE WHEN DID AMERICA BECOME SO SOFT??


As or political climate becomes more chaotic, even agreeing with a conservative policy is enough to get you pegged as a 'nazi'. For example, I personally think we should greatly scale back on allowing immigrants to enter America.

For one reason, have you seen what's going on in places like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden? They are being overrun by refugees and crime is skyrocketing. But, yeah we should just let them all in just to prove to everyone else how 'tolerant' and 'loving' we are. Of course after the fact that you allowed your government to destroy their countries with your tax dollars in order to take their resources.

I have stated to many that I am neither a Trump supporter or a Trump hater. All politicians are hand puppets of the psychopathic elite. So I just don't pay them any attention or respect because they don't care about me so the most logical option is to not care about them.

But nowadays if you even agree with an unpopular policy that counters the official narrative, you will be called every name in the book (nazi, racist, misogynist, separatist, nationalist).

For those who think that there is still such a thing as freedom of speech in America has really not been paying attention. You see, it's not the government (at least not on their own) that has been suppressing this free speech. It is the zombie-like, docile, fluoridated, medicated sheep who does everything their television tells them to do. So the prisoners become the brown-shirts telling us what is okay to think, believe and agree with. And if your beliefs counter that, you are to be shunned, ridiculed, insulted, and ostracized.


This one is probably the most comical (even more comical then the gender issue). Women in first world nations (America, Canada, U.K., Australia) believing they live in an oppressive patriarchy.


Notice that these women will start buffering or even be called a misogynist for bringing this up. They basically want to complain without actually addressing an issue. See the thing is that these women feel like they are doing something for women when all they are doing is just blowing hot-air into the ether with their nonsense.

Women NEVER had it so good. The State favors you. Other simp-like manginas favor you. The media favors you. The courts favor you. If you women were so oppressed, you would not be getting all this support. Quite the opposite actually.

This is slightly off-topic, but I want to bring up another group that seems to like to do a lot of complaining but actually never does anything to help the people they claim are being oppressed: BLACK LIVES MATTER.

As a "so-called Negro" I think BLM is a disaster. Personally, I do not blame today's so called white race for the crimes of their ancestors. I don't want reparations. I don't want an apology. I certainly don't want the white race exterminated.

If Black Lives Matter really believed what they were saying, I know a couple of ghettos that you should be yelling "Black Lives Matter" to that really need to hear it. Because it is black people killing black people that is more of a problem. Yet just like with the women, they start buffering as well.

No the BLM crowd find it more productive to go into mostly Caucasian neighborhoods and scream a vapid tagline as if this will make some kind of difference. I'm just saying if black lives do really matter to these people, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT RATHER THAN JUST YELLING THINGS THAT MEAN NOTHING.

In conclusion, the root of a lot of our problems and all of this social tension is political correctness. We feel that we have to silence how we truly feel and some great ideas fall to the wayside because everyone is so sensitive. And when that sensitivity is allowed to grow, it can form radical ideologies that would have been unheard of, and then all of a sudden, you live in 2017 America.

I will end with giving you a small homework assignment: Research who coined the term political correctness.

When your society becomes the victim of political correctness, it's time to worry.

The days of speaking your mind regardless of how anyone feels about it is over. We now live in a "post-fact America", where feelings are primary and logic is either secondary, or in the case of America, irrelevant.


To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Well said and 100% true!

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