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RE: Can We Avoid a Race War? (A Discussion About the Failing State of Multiculturalism)

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3:05 omg is this picture for real?
never heard of this day of the rope
16:23 That headline lol! have to look that up
okay, it's (only) about some special railways:

secession is our hope and answer

Isn't the Three Kingdoms about "globalism" (just all-encompassing rule about the known world) already?


Rigi Railways
Rigi Railways (German: Rigi Bahnen) is a group of railways on the mountain Rigi, located between two of the arms of Lake Lucerne, in Switzerland. They include two standard gauge rack railways, the Vitznau–Rigi Bahn (VRB) and the Arth–Rigi Bahn (ARB), along with the Luftseilbahn Weggis–Rigi Kaltbad (LWRK) cable car and six smaller cable cars: Luftseilbahn Kräbel–Rigi Scheidegg (LKR), Luftseilbahn Obergschwend–Rigi Burggeist (LORB), Luftseilbahn Küssnacht–Seebodenalp (LKüS), Luftseilbahn Vitznau–Hinterbergen (LVH), Luftseilbahn Vitznau–Wissifluh (LVW), and Luftseilbahn Brunnen–Urmiberg (LBU).
Reaching a height of 1,752 metres (5,748 ft) above sea level, the Rigi Railways are the highest standard gauge railway in Europe. They are also the highest railway in both cantons of Lucerne and Schwyz.

I guess what makes modern globalism unique is that a lot of it is done through subversive means, such as central banking and government policy, rather than overtly conquering people and taking their sovereignty. This actually makes it more difficult to fight against.

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