Breaking News Venezuela: Next step for taking out Nicolas Maduro out of the Power!!!

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The opposition leaders in Venezuela have called the people to massively protest on a daily basis!!


On a press release on September 21th the CNE ( national electoral council)  said the guidelines and next steps the opposition needed to do in order to do the revocatory referendum, many of them were injust as setting up the dates to extend all the steps in order to push the referendum for the next year, and the problem with that is that if the president Nicolas Maduro loses it, we have 2 scenarios depending on the time the referendum is done: if the referéndum is done this year we would need to go in one month to presidential elections, the second scenario would be doing the referéndum next year, and if that happens the vice president should end the 2 years of the presidential term, and that would result in no change at all for our country. 

The Reaction

That's why on the day September 26th of 2016  the opposition leaders gathered in a major meeting at "La Gallera" Miranda Park, where  they have made the following statements:

1. The revocatory referéndum will be done this year. There are no technical or juridic reasons that won't allow it. The RR (revocatory referéndum) will be in 2016 because its stated as a major right in our constitution and because is our sacred right and necessity as the people of Venezuela. Any attempt of blocking it will imply the mobilization of the people peacefully and steady on the streets in aims to regain the constitutional thread.

2. We will actívate the revocatory referéndum in complying with what is established in our constitution: the signatures recollection that represents at least the 20% percent of the national electoral voters register. Our main objective and focus would be in recollecting on October 26, 27 and 28, the millions of signatures that Venezuela needs to surpass widely the requirement established to actívate the referéndum. We will only be willing to comply the conditions established by our constitution and we firmly deny in forehand any condition that could be against the guidelines and rights established by our national constitution that could be used by the CNE to deny or delay the activation of the Referendum in 2016. We will not accept any conditions that are against our constitution, and if the government has opted for flout and break the constitution, they will find with the people of Venezuela forcing them to comply with the constitution again.

That's why we are calling the people of Venezuela to massively attend this 3 days for the recollection of signatures in order to actívate the Revocatory Referendum, assuming that our work will not limit only to comply with an administrative procedure, but we are going to exert all the mechanisms of democratic pressure in order to force the government to respect the people´s will. The real TAKE OF VENEZUELA will be done during those 3 days. The people wont be stopped by a mezquine number of machines, or by locating them in a malicious way  trying to obstruct the expression of will of change. The days 26,27 and 28 of october will be 3 days of democratic people on the streets complying with the constitution and making the goverment to comply with it as well.

In order to achieve this we call all the people of Venezuela, all the democratic citizenship to activate, as we did for the TAKE OF CARACAS on September 1st, but with much more amplitude and strenght. We will start calling from this day protest activities every day  and all across the country. We are announcion specially for Wednesday 12 a special protest where we will overflow all the streets of the country in a pacific way, in order to make the goverment understand the goverment that 20% signature recolection is national and that the Referendum will be done this year. We will make them understand that norms are not the ones they set up, instead the norms are the ones stablished in our constitutions and we, the people of Venezuela, will force the goverment to comply with them.


As I been pointing out in my last posts the Venezuelan government is interested only in perpetuate and consolidate their permanence in the power, but to understand this better we must understand how the government is established right now in Venezuela:

We have 4 major powers in Venezuela:

-Executive Power (The President Nicolas Maduro)

-Congress power

-Electoral power (CNE they help Maduro)

- Supreme Justice Court (They help Maduro)

There are others but not as important for the situation we are leaving, what happens right now is that last December the opposition party won the congress election, that reflect the popularity of the government amongst the people, and they lost that election almost 3 to 1 talking in proportions. Right now in the polls, the government has an acceptance of 20% vs 80% for the opposition parties. So that's why they are trying to delay the revocatory referendum with nonconstitutional norms established by the Electoral power ( The CNE) while the other powers like the Supreme Justice Court do nothing, and in some cases empowers the CNE to continue doing what they are doing. It is a very very complex situation. 

I will expand this matter in another post because i know that i have to explain more in detail all the stuff that has led us to this crucial point as a country.



As I say always, I would like to say thank to all the steemians that went  through  all this post, and of course to all the brave people from Venezuela that are fighting day after day to overcome this nightmare that the goverment is putting all of us through 

I will continue to keep you informed about all the relevant news in Venezuela!

Good Bye Steemians!!

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I hope they succeed. Good luck Venezuelans!

I'm just trying to learn here, what exactly do you gain by taking Maduro out? He has a lot of people for him and then they will take to the streets and the fighting will continue. Dilma was impeached in Brazil and Brazil at this moment is screwed. Wouldn't it be better if you worked to make a better country and then when the new election comes you kick these people out in a legal way, that should be no problem with the numbers you give for government approval? I mean if every country starts kicking out governments because a sector of the population is against them, no government will be left standing and the ensuing chaos will be worse than anything we have yet seen. I am from Honduras, we had a coup in 2009, the guy had only 6 more months yet they gave him a coup. What has happened after this? Crime rates have gone up like crazy, I live in a city of about 250,000 people and we have at least one murder a day not to mention muggings, assaults etc, unemployment is rampant, people emigrate at the rate of at least 85 daily, and we still have a corrupt government just as bad or perhaps even worse than the one that was overthrown, only this one is center right so it is backed by right wing people in the US.
I am not trying to start an argument with you I am just stating things as I see them.


Como haces para q tu pais este mejor si el gobierno está matando de hambre a los venezolanos?? Y si este gobierno tiene un rechazo del 80 % de la población y existe un mecanismo democrático para la remoción del presidente y cambio del mismo, por que no hacerlo? Se que en Honduras estan muy mal pero aca es terrible. Al menos tres millones de venezolanos han emigrado y tenemos cifras "oficiales" de 25.000 homocidios anuales. Cerca de donde vivo hay gente q todas las noches pasa por el cuarto de basura de un hotel a buscar comida, no se consiguen las medicinas, existe una inflacion terrible, todo esta dolarizado y los sueldos minimos estan por debajo de los cien dolares al cambio. Nose por donde empezar ni por donde terminar de contarte todo lo que esta mal aca.


Recorda algo, Honduras durante los ultimos cien años ha sido el pais mas pobre de America Latina, este hecho solo es maquillado y nos ponen en penultimo por el hecho de que existe Haiti, pero Haiti en realidad es un caso excepcional. Ustedes tiene mas de tres veces la poblacion nuestra, y nosostros tenemos mas de un millon y medio de emigrantes, los homicidios andan por 5-6000 al año y estas son cifras oficiales, en realidad creo han de ser mayores, indigentes hay una cantidad indeterminada no se cuantos son, pero son muchos. El sueldo mínimo aquí es relativamente alto como 320 dolares, pero prácticamente nadie lo paga y la inflación se lo ha comido Mira yo recuerdo en los 80's el mínimo era como $2.70 al día y un persona lograba mantener a su familia con eso, con limitaciones pero al menos hambre no habia, hoy por hoy no se puede vivir con el mínimo y ni tan siquiera se paga eso. Hay un desempleo increíble. Yo no dudo que Venezuela este mal, pero lo que te voy a decir con toda franqueza es que lo que ustedes tienen es una lucha entre dos grupos de poder y a ambos grupos les interesa un comino el bienestar del pueblo, su único interés en movilizar al pueblo es para obtener sus propios y mezquinos intereses.
Por eso te digo, ustedes sacan a Maduro y no va a cambiar nada, solo va a cambiar la retorica del gobierno pero los problemas serán los mismos. Ojala esto no sea así pero normalmente eso es lo que sucede. En todo caso te deseo suerte y ojala tu país logre por lo menos lograr elegir el camino que lo saque del abismo.


Tienes razon, tambien he pensado en esa posibilidad y espero que las cosas mejoren. Pero de verdad que el gobierno actual esta haciendo las cosas muy muy mal, solamente pensando en su retorica ideologica mientras nos morimos de hambre literalmente.

Espero que todo mejore por alla, y es verdad, la mayoria de los politicos solo buscan el poder pero no para ayudar a el pueblo sino para enriquecerse a si mismos y a su grupo.

Saludos Amigo, gracias por tu comentario.