The New Political Spectrum: From Top to Bottom...

in #politics4 years ago


The world of politics is permanently confused. Traditional concepts of left versus right are no longer valid. Why? Let me explain.

On the "far left" you have both Anarchists and Communists. Anarchists hate state power while Communism concentrates all power in the state. On the "far right" you have both Libertarians who promote individual liberty and Fascists who are collectivist authoritarians.

So, in reality the far-left Anarchists and the far-right Libertarians have much more in common than either has with the Commis or the Fascists, who are really two versions of the same thing (they hate each other but they are not so different as is claimed).

Let us therefore abandon the traditional political spectrum: no more left versus right. Beginning today, let the True Political Spectrum be Top versus Bottom.

The Top represents Collectivism. The Bottom is for individual freedom! The Top-down oppresses. The Bottom-up empowers. The Top judges and assigns blame for wrong-think. The Bottom wants to live life on its own terms.

I am a Bottom Dweller. I recognize no group or leader to authorize my life. I will do as I see fit. Join me. Choose freedom. Spread the New Political Spectrum. Carpe Diem.

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