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Kentucky Farmer Fights Back Against Civil Asset Forfeiture

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This is the VERY REASON why we have the 2nd Amendment. I'm surprised more people aren't killing cops that try this. As it IS highway robbery as far as I see it. I don't care what badge they do or don't carry. The 2nd amendment comes 1st! If every time a cop tried this they were dropped on the spot for the room temp challenge for highway robbery that it is,.. I promise you, it would stop.

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Well, if you draw on a cop, the cops will swarm on you. You won't be fighting just that cop that tried to rob you, but every damn cop that wears a badge. They won't care if you were being robbed by a cop, they will only care that you shot at their colors - just like every other gang.

which is why i said if it happened regularly. I didn't say there wouldnt be costs. But there would be ripples created. Im not anti cop. I have had LOTS of family in the law enforcement field. My own dad was a deputy sheriff. Im just pro-constitution 1st. yes there would be a cost. there always is. the reason we have the issue now is likely bc the cost has not been paid in recent times enough. kinda like trimming weeds from the garden. or letting the wolves continue to claim your land. If you do they will keep taking. Im also not saying shoot and run for the rest of your life. Address it "legally" afterwards. Ironically it's like the answer my own cousin that worked at Huntsville prison here in Tx when I asked him what he would do if he were in a comprimised situation with an inmate. He said, "it's better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6" In a like way it's the same, but it's the life of our freedom that we will loose if we don't resist. What makes a sovereign country sovereign? It's ability to govern its borders. We have been "allowing" government to take our rights. We need to resist that or as any human they will crave more. I'm not a cop hater I just hate a bully no matter if he carries a badge or not. We should stomp out evil wherever it is sadly even if it carries a badge perhaps especially when it carries a badge... food for thought.


One court case in the right direction would have the same effect with no more violence. Hopefully this gets worked out there. I support the Institute for Justice.