The dynamics of how authoritarianism works in real life - you just have to look...

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Lets see the dynamics of authoritarianism in action , shalle we?
A real life, real time example so as to help understand the principals at work.
Principals that apply in any terrain.


The principles are the same, no matter the terrain.

1/ Manipulate the sheep to create support for a cause.

2/ Throw some of the sheep under the bus when the you decide to change the rules.(these are the 'useful idiots').

3/ Rinse and repeat, forever increasing the authoritarian stranglehold, taking resources from others, to increase wealth at the top.

4/ Eat all the useful idiots along the way, from the bottom to the top, ...(ponzi scheme's, con jobs, grifts , etc)

5/ It eventually implodes in on itself, as it has nothing left to consume - the victims of the regime become stronger than the authority.

Let's look at the covid psi-op as an example.

THIS.... was 2020:

People in the UK are being encouraged to take part in a huge round of applause to show their appreciation for all those working in the NHS.
The Clap for our Carers campaign is asking for as many people as possible to clap their hands together on Thursday 26 March at 8pm to thank all doctors, nurses, carers, GPs, pharmacists and other NHS staff working hard to help those affected by the coronavirus.
People across the UK can clap from their gardens, front doors, and balconies to show their support.

Create support for a narrative.


The authoritarians who push the narrative, will try to appear to be benevolent, not malicious.(' we're all in this together').


Change the rules to suit the agenda - the one that you're really aiming for...(and throw the now 'useful idiots' under the bus, as you continue on with your strategy)...


Sooner or later the mask slips and the truth is revealed - the evil of the authoritarians becomes visible...(the useful idiots in police uniforms, seen below, will be disposed of later - exactly the same as with the health workers).




The dynamics of authoritarianism and the implementation of full control, stays the same.

Any student of history will know this.

The principals remain the same,only the terrain changes.

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Do you think that you're clever enough to not be 'thrown under the bus' when it's decided by those with more power than you, think that you have 'outlived your usefulness'..?



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