If mediocrity is the road to hell....why would you voluntarily choose to lay the tarmac ?

in #politics3 years ago

daily patriot - Copy (4) - Copy.jpg

daily patriot - Copy (4) - Copy.jpg

I've seen mediocrity being championed in the four years I've been here.
I've seen high quality posts nuked , and posts as dull as dishwater being upvoted to the max, by large accounts.

What does that tell you?

Think about it...

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The midwit's playground, where conformity is applauded, and individualism is seen as a threat...

daily patriot - Copy (4) - Copy.jpg
....The juvenile hivemind, of hive..."for the greater good"...

All your wounds will be self inflicted.
...Not that many large accounts on here, will ever understand this.

Mediocrity finds comfort in others mediocrity.
A 'nice little circle jerk', while Rome burns...

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