A Propaganda Disrobed

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There are some bad news and some good news about the news today. The bad news about the news are so bad that they can't get any worse. The good news are getting better :)

The bad news are:

There are no free media outside of the Internet any more!

Corporate media has taken over everything you can touch or intake directly to your veines over the TV set…

Fortunately the good news are better:

Corporate interests are opposed. There can be only one!

And in their bitter fight, they are using all the propaganda dirt you can imagine, disrobing completely this monstrous corporate mechanism…

Duration: 3:50

But that's not all, folks! You can say: “Who cares for non-Internet media? Let them bite each other as they wish. We are on the Internet already!” That would be a mistake. Of course that corporate media strive to evolve through new technology. They have reincarnated as Facebook, Google, YouTube (owned by Google), Twitter, Instagram (owned by Facebook), WhatsApp (owned by Facebook)… and are trying to impose their view on what is fake news, while sucking all your data available!

Effectively, privacy is dead!

Are there any good news then? Yes!

The Internet media manipulation are getting busted much faster. Centralized media already are busted! Just see the notorious case of “Cambridge Analytica” which has exposed Facebook as a government surveillance tool.. It's not 50 million F•book users, it's not 87 million of F•book users, EVERYONE's data at F•book is compromised! After seeing this, only a fool will stay on F•book.

The best news — alternative is already here…

Decentralized media can restore privacy!

Yes, Steemit and D.Tube are the beginning of a new World. You choose data for sharing, and you monetize all the data without any intermediator. Or be a good slave (like @caitlinjohnstone would say) and risk ending like the YouTube shooter in San Bruno…


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IMHO the “Cambridge Analytica” thing is a trap. A very sinister one. It was already widely known that FB sells data. I have read articles about “Cambridge Analytica” already month ago when they bragged about it.
This is nothing new. This is what they use it for:
In Europe they still have privacy laws, much better ones than in the States. They now will push for a "privatization of data" which will be widely accepted and seen as a step into the right direction. All your data will be private, no one can sell them anymore.
BUT, what everybody is missing is that you will have to VOLUNTARY give access to ALL your data if you want to for example cross a border, get insurance, open a bank account, have internet access and so forth.
THIS is why the big corporations pushed for privatization of data in Davos...so they can fuck us better and harder.

Valuable thoughts. The "internet" is a very broad term though, and i'd say there are significant mainstream outlets on the internet, facebook and the machinations around it being the best example, how the majority perception is already owned and manipulated. I wouldn't take it for granted that the current outcry will have an lasting effect, and people wont bother about privacy and (inconvenient) truths, and continue sharing inspirational quotes and maintain their bubble(s), simply as it is the most simple thing to do. Not to forget the benefactor of these machinations is now potus and this sweet denial is official national policy... The internet allows for a broader scope, but this might always remain a minority exercise.

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)