Happy President’s Day to this future birthday girl!

in #politics3 years ago (edited)


Here's the original tweet from Hillary and the same Facebook Post

To be fair, we all know it was a "Social Media Staffer" that write these posts to make the candidates seem 'social-able and human'.


Wow, I didn't believe this was real, so I looked at her actual verified Twitter account... and she legit called herself the future President during a highly contentious election. Wow. Wow. Just wow.

What the fuck? I mean, I knew she believed she'd rigged it well enough to guarantee it, but I didn't think even she could possibly be so arrogant as to SAY it. Wowwwwww.

Every time I hear somebody ask how a joke of a executive like Donald Trump won the election, it's hard for me not to say "he probably couldn't have any other year."

I've updated the post to link back to her actual twitter and facebook accounts just in case others don't believe it either. Thanks for the reminder!

We really dodged a bullet there

Dodged out of the way of a bullet just in time to get shot by someone else... #2PartySystem

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