Rules for Rulers: The Eye Opener

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Warning: After this post your view on the world may be completely shattered!

If you read this, chances are you are reading that from a (relatively) wealthy, (relatively) free (relatively) democratic state.

That isn’t by chance.

We tend to think that democracies and autocratic (or downright dictatorial) states are very very different. That autocrats are red-eyed devils feasting on little babies and laughing evil, uncontrollable laughs while democratic leaders are angels in disguise.

Well, actually some people think their democratic leaders are eating babies too or selling their country to the biggest enemy and such things. But you get the point.

Did you ever consider that countries like North Korea or Germany are ruled by the same rules? That those rules are deciding which government you have?

Or, for that matter, that not only states are following those rules but also companies – which is why banks pay out huge bonuses to their leaders when they just made record red numbers and had to be saved by tax payers?

But research shows that this is indeed what happens. The Rules for Rulers are applicable to all. Because all of it is based on on simple truth:

No one rules alone

But how can this simple fact govern states, companies, tax codes, infrastructure, the amount of corruption and much more? Watch the video!

Attention: The following video has a length of 20 minutes. You were warned.

If you liked this post, please upvote and resteem. If you want to get a more in-dept look or have questions about the Rules for Rulers, tell me so in the comments! I can make a series out of it ;) (from the book mentioned in the end of the video).

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