Public Service Announcement: Cambridge Anayltica is now Data Propria and Emerdata

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Whenever a company does shady things and there is a public scandal, they don’t stop doing their stuff. After all, there are still paying customers, so fuck the people you fucked, right? If there is no public image left to defend, just get a new name – that is the standard procedure.

One example is Blackwater (USA/international). The private soldier company, which soldiers have been found guilty of murder and manslaughter in Baghdad, changed it’s name to Xe Services LLC, then to Academi. (After a fusion they are now part of Constellis Holdings.)

Interestingly Halliburton is still Halliburton, even though it is one of the least reputable companies in the world after several ahem… incidents, including the oil platform Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Anyway, I wanted to inform you that Cambridge Analytica, who “stole” data from facebook and used it to influence the last US presidential elections (arguably resulting in the current catastrophe on the Big Red Button), has closed down. Bankruptcy.

But do not worry. That does not mean they are stopping what they are doing.

"Emerdata" is a new company, whose board includes the daughters of Robert Mercer, who bankrolled Cambridge Analytica; disgraced former Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix is on its board of directors, and much of Cambridge Analytica's C-suite has packed up their desks and moved into the Emerdata offices.

It isn't clear what Emerdata does, though the company is listed under "data processing, hosting, and related activities." It shares an address in Canary Wharf with Cambridge Analytica's parent, SCL Group.

Another notable company director is Johnson Chun Shun Ko, the deputy chairman of Frontier Services Group.
Frontier is a private security firm which mostly operates in Africa and is currently chaired by US businessman and prominent Trump supporter Erik Prince. Prince is best known for founding private military group Blackwater US and is the brother of US education secretary Betsy DeVos.

Uh wait, Blackwater? Ha, I am surprised!
Well, a bit.
Not at all surprised I am about that sister stuff. Of course that one, as all the others, has nothing to do with nepotism and is a pure coincidence.

Whatever, it does not stop here about Cambridge Analytica. There is also

a new company Data Propria, helmed by Cambridge Analytica alum Matt Oczkowski, who bragged in public that he and Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale were "doing the president’s work for 2020."

Data Propria was only founded on February 1, 2018 [...] According to the AP, three of Data Propria's 10 staffers are ex-employees of Cambridge Analytica.

Those companies are like a very bad cancer, they metastasize in the blink of an eye.

Keep an eye open for them! The next scandal is bound to be happen in a short time!


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How do you think about this?
this should not happen


lol there are a lot fo things that should not happen.

Anyway, the main problem here is not the renaming. Not even what CA did (and probably others do).

The main problem here was and is facebook and facebook's data business model.
As long as that exist, there will be those types of problems.