We need to stop treating people who are two steps behind as less than human.

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I was just listening to Coleman Hughes. If you haven't heard of him, I highly recommend looking him up.

So, full disclosure, I never voted for Obama. I never really liked him. I think that there emerged certain aspects of his ideology that were great and some that were absolutely morally vacuous and sometimes reprehensible. Nonetheless, one can't deny that, particularly among millennials, especially older millennials, especially especially among millennials in the arts, Obama is almost deified.

What Hughes, as a public figure, finally pointed out is that Obama didn't come out in favor of gay marriage until 2014. Namely, he had been in office for six years. He was half way through his last term. That's when he decided to change his tune. It's hard to argue that he was a pioneer on this issue when he waited until his position was secured and the culture would largely welcome his "evolution" on the issue.

What Hughes brought up though, is that we do tend to treat people who we deem to be two steps behind as less than human and that we're up for a rude awakening in the near future if we keep these attitudes toward people who aren't hopping on the wagon quickly enough; or, refusing to do so at all.

To push this further though, if you are one of those people who fancies him or herself a "progressive" who is "forward thinking" and you've got a gripe with libertarians, you've gotta shut your fucking gob for a minute and think.

"Fuck the Koch brothers?" David Koch ran on the Libertarian ticket for vice president and openly supported gay marriage in 1980. This alleged backward dinosaur was promoting equal treatment under the law before most of you were alive and while most of your political heros were silent or vocally opposed.

When you look at these things, the libertarians have been ahead of everybody in terms of gay marriage, free speech, criminal justice reform, policing reform, ending the war on drugs, ending nation building, even Bernie Sanders disparagingly yet correctly called open borders a "Koch brothers idea."

Fuck the Koch brothers?

Fuck you.

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