The FBI & CIA Have "Lost" Tons of Evidence, Plus Dems & GOP Move Closer To Fascism [FULL EPISODE of REDACTED TONIGHT]

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Hey y'all,

(I grew up in the south.) Below is last night's full episode of Redacted Tonight. In it I cover the top ten times the CIA & FBI have "lost" important evidence or documents. I also talk about the recent vote by both sides of Congress to make the intelligence community completely unaccountable to anyone. We then get into the fitness app that accidentally revealed a secret U.S. military base in Africa. All of that and much more.

For those of you who have never heard of Redacted Tonight, I hope you'll give it a chance. We aren't a hundred-million-dollar outfit like "The Daily Show," but I think we're talking about all the stories your corporate media wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. I write all my own words on the show and no one tells us what to say. We are Americans in America covering American news that the ruling elite don't want you to know. If you enjoy it, please spread the word.

Keep fighting,


Welcome to Steem. I run the largest off chain social network on the platform called the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network. If you'd like help getting established on the Steem blockchain I'm a fan of your show and interested in helping you. Feel free to message me through that link and I'm happy to help.

Glad to have you with us!

Hey, nice to meet you. Would love to be in contact. Thanks for the offer of help. I'm sure I can use it.

Upvoted and resteemed. Steemit is very lucky to have you on this platform and we are all lucky to have it. So pleased to see full episodes of Redacted here! Feels so much better to be watching them here than on Facebook or Twitter. Super proud of you for making the leap. Way to go!

Thank you, Suzie. Thanks for all your help!

Lol Lee! I have been watching Redacted for ages- and this was definitely one of your best IMO.... so much sarcasm dripping on the floor. Top 10 times the FBI and CIA have lost their shit... perhaps they have a problem that someone in an alternative dimension keeps stealing their files while they are on coffee breaks? No really. It could happen.


I am very happy to see you on this platform, and think us Progressives will be able to collaborate and motivate far more effectively than on the corporate owned platforms.

Keep up the good fight, brother!

I think we should make a concerted effort to inform, persuade, and incentivize more Progressive voices, especially those with large followings, to also make the transition to Steemit. I compiled a list of people I am trying to target on the post below and wonder if you can think of others that should be added.

I talked to Chelsea Manning yesterday on Twitter, and she seems very interested in bringing her vision to this platform. Let's make Steemit a Progressive safe haven and headquarters for collaboration and trusted information.

Very cool, Phillip. Love your efforts. Keep at it.

Any chance of getting Naomi Karavani, Natalie McGill, John F. O'Donnell, and the rest of the team here, @leecamp?

I really wish that independent journalists and activists from ALL political spectrum's would collaborate and work together more often...There are way too many factions even within these communities to make a real difference without unity. Without unity there will be no change.

Great show, as always. Southerners rock. 🎸

I enjoyed the show. Thanks for posting on Steemit!

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Done. Thank you.

Yay, you’re here! So glad you made it!

Excellent!! Love the fact that independent journalists/activists like you are turning to Steemit. Looks like Fb, twitter & google won't have their way in silencing our truth warriors!!

Hey! Watched this on Youtube on Friday already, but just stopping by to say yo and that I love all your great shows and interviews you do.
Been sharing you with my friends on Facebook, but it's hard going unless you tag people directly. Definitely brought a few folk into Camp Camp at least.
I'm looking forward to what this place brings, and I hope it offers you more of the freedom and audience growth that you deserve. FB is a total joke...

Nice write up, am happy to meet you

good awesome information
and time to be worried!

hahahaha I started to follow you after (not) seeing the video about the state of the Union! LOL!!!
Welcome to Steemit!!! Glad that you have made it to Steemit! You will have fun here, pretty sure about that :)

Everyone must see State of the Union speech, digested in just 6 seconds!


Great ! add me please.

This site looks complicated. How do I follow you?

sounds like 2 many refugees lol

You're going to do great on the @steemit blockchain @leecamp I'm glad I've found you on the platform! I subscribed to Redacted Tonight last week & I absolutely love the show. Keep up the good content & welcome to the Steem Family my new fellow Steemian.

We are Americans in America covering American news that the ruling elite don't want you to know. If you enjoy it, please spread the word.

Trying to spread the word here since… long time ago :)

You need to leave Youtube its controlled by Eric Schmidt who is best buddies with Hitlary Clinton and the establishment. Welcome to Steemit which belongs to the people!

Finally thay "No Criticism" law has gone!!
Unbelievable!! Mussolini would have been proud!!

Everybody ahappy!! Nobodyo Complaino!

really awesome to see you here, lee! keep up the great fucking work! <3



I learned of you when someone posted a link to your show, it was that episode about the brownstone property in New York that sold for a million more than appraised, a sort of payment for a future favor. You know, like purging people from the rolls that might vote for Bernie Sanders. That's what made me a fan.

I'm glad to see you're here and hope that you get better traction than on FB. I look forward to reading your posts going forward and at the very least, I hope you enjoy the community here.

Nice one post friend

great job as always. thanks for all that you do.

Well worth to see this.