If elections could be like they are on Eos...

in #politics3 years ago


Instead of voting every 4-5 years you would vote every 3 minutes. The lobbying game that ruins politics would still be there but would court voters instead of politicians. In fact there may no longer be much need for them at all. Just removing the intermediary between central power and individuals. People would vote for interest groups instead of parties. Voting right would get you a stream of passive income, voting left would get you access to affordable healthcare. If properly structured various agendas would be balanced as they are today but skewed towards voters instead of corrupt schemers or guys that end up causing massive wars. As somebody said on float voting from home with your own keys would surely help voter turnout, but my take on that is it would increase political accountability as well.


If you could vote like on Steem we wouldn't need representatives at all, and you could vote every three seconds, not every three minutes. Further, on Steem you could fund the proposal, and thus govern for yourself.

People would vote BY supporting undertakings financially, and instead of voting for some other institution which will inevitably be corrupted, would simply undertake to govern.

I like that idea far better than voting on EOS, as you describe it.


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