How the Pentagon put Trump into office

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The Bureau of Investigative Journalism found in November 2016 (better late than never) that the Pentagon paid 540M$ to British PR firm Bell-Pottinger to produce fake terrorist video material. This material was used in Iraq in order to counteract Al-Qaeda influence. When later asked whether or not they were using the same strategy against Isis, they replied that they could not confirm or deny.

Ladies and gentlemen, your tax dollars at work.

This content was made after Iraq to cause a global wave of fear of Muslims and Arabs. In these videos you see a bunch of PR employees making a convincing performance of the barbarism they wish to convey. But make no mistake, this material is not just war propaganda, it is terrorism propaganda. The goal of such content is to create fear and division, particularly in Western societies in which Arabs and Muslims were beginning to organize themselves politically to make their children more likely to become successful later on. This is now essentially a pipe dream. When going into schools or later college, these students will be shunned due to their race and/or religion. They will not have the opportunities available to others. This is sold to the local population as "a way of defending ourselves against immigration". This immigration was a part of Western nations strategies. It aimed to attract and retain the best and brightest from Third World countries. The massive immigration that resulted from the fall of Qaddafi in Libya, which acted as the top of the pressure-cooker that is Africa, led to massive immigration. Same with Syria. The changes associated with an increased distrust for migrants while witnessing massive migrations creates an environment in which their children will fall into radicalization. They will then be used, like Isis, as proxy terrorist groups against Russian-backed nations that happen to have resources or a strategic location on the grand chessboard.

Based on what the person interviewed was saying in the case of Iraq, the entity responsible for greenlighting this video content came from the White House, and the contracting/subcontracting was done by the Pentagon. But this time it was not about controlling the narrative on Iraqi TV stations. It was about radicalizing Arabic and Muslim minorities living anywhere in Europe and using them as a proxy. It was not only in making this type of video content, it was much more insidious than that. It was about using some of the radicals to commit terrorist attacks not in the locations where the hot proxy war is actually happening, but to use them against the very people who were paying for their public healthcare and education for the last 20 years. Now this divides. Now raising an Arabic child in Europe is going to be entirely different, because you can see how the others will react.

The vicious circle was echoed in every news channel, regardless of political affiliation. The French Socialist party actually collapsed as a result of the Paris attacks. They were the ones who could manage to keep the country together. Now Macron sells it piece by piece to Blackrock, he even made their CEO in France a member of the Legion of Honor, a rare and distinctive privilege usually reserved to the men and women who made extraordinary contributions to their country or the world.

There is nothing left in Europe capable of bringing back a terror-free society. Which is why I left. I tried to make a living for myself in Canada for the last decade. I achieved a small victory in defending the Quebec mosque attacker by mentioning to his lawyer that a young man does not become a murderer by himself. The new media, Facebook/Twitter type, were and still are largely new when compared to the traditional press. They have not achieved a level of maturity required for handling the electoral process properly without causing trouble. This left enough room for interested parties to radicalize not only Arabs and Muslims, but everyone else. These tech companies were not the only ones responsible. Through a relentless hammering, major networks kept promoting a war narrative that enriched the few, and polarized the many. To the extreme in this case. I tried to do the same for what happened in Christchurch, but after a few emails here and there I was told in essence that I would get prosecuted if I tried interfering in their domestic affairs. I did not insist. It could have gone better, but I tried. Well, now it's 2020, these trillion-$ stocks will be turning people into homicidal maniacs again. Take some time to consider that they make money using your information, see what they've done with it, and consider whether or not you want to make these people richer by keeping an account with them.

Now who could possibly have campaigned in the past on the fear of Muslims and Arabs? Mr. Trump has campaigned on the fear of Muslims and Arabs. He has been elected for doing so. Because the Pentagon created the conditions for the candidate who would run on this topic to become elected. SCL, strategic Communication Laboratories, your ex go-to firm for election-management, made its appearance. Cambridge Analytica, its subsidiary, came alongside it. The buzzword was micro-targeting. Delivering the ads to the right viewer. Ads that make you want to vote for Trump. Ads that make you understand that he can keep you and your children safe. After months of brainwash from every possible source, some naturally took it upon themselves to make their country and community safe from Arabs and Muslims, who in their eyes could only be described as terrorists, promoting Shariah law, wife beaters and who knows what else. So that's the point I wanted to make: Trump was elected in November 2016 and assumed office on January 20, 2017. On January 29, 2017, 9 days into office, a gunman entered a mosque in Quebec city, killed six and injured 19. In the weeks that followed the attacks on the Quebec Mosque, CNN and Fox somehow made a U-turn. They stopped promoting war. Tucker Carlson made antiwar statements and presented this perspective, previously unheard of since the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, to a very broad audience. A recent interview, given by CNN, featured three guest speakers, one of which was from the Atlantic Council. This person was an Arabic women speaking against war and conflict. I remember CNN clearly denouncing the military-industrial complex when a Saudi plane dropped a bomb on a school bus in Yemen. These children died, the people of Iraq died, those in Libya died, those in Syria died, those in Afghanistan died, those in Sudan died. Thousands of US and allied soldiers died in these wars. Those in the mosque of Quebec died, as well as those in Christchurch. I like to think that I did something that made these news companies stop promoting their wars. I have the luxury of being alive. I tried making a difference by defending a murderer who would be living his life as he should have, alongside with many others, if it wasn't for all the brainwash he underwent.

He received a life sentence, news companies received a new editorial. But ultimately it all comes down to a few people (I'd say men) in a small room giving it a go when maybe they shouldn't have. Sometimes you have to be the devil's advocate to understand when the devil is being portrayed. Do you think there should be a law preventing the military from interfering in the electoral process?

Let me know in the comments! All I know is that this time, the story won't be the same. They may go to war again but at least they shouldn't be using the same destructive and Islamophobic rhetoric any longer.

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