It's Legal to Buy Political Influence in America. Let's Make it Illegal

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Researchers at Princeton University preformed a study to ask "Does the government represent the people?"

They went through 20 years of data from nearly 2000 public opinion surveys and compared it to the policies that ended up becoming law. They concluded:

"The preferences of the average American appear to have only a miniscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy."

"90% of Americans have essentially no impact at all."

Take an idea that has very little public support (say 5%) and there's a 30% likelihood of it becoming federal law.

Take an idea that has massive public support (say 80%) and there's a 30% likelihood of it becoming federal law.

The Government isn't doing what the public want.

Getting to the Root Cause of the Problem

Money has a powerful influence and public opinion doesn't seem to carry much weight.

The rules are very different for the economic elite who can afford lobbyists and pay-offs because it's legal to buy political influence in America.

In the last five years the 200 most politically active companies spent 5.8 billion dollars influencing the government.

This video explains the situation extremely well:

Make it Illegal to Buy Political Influence in America with the Anti-Corruption Act

Lobbyists write the laws and politicians are "bought" all the time.

The problem is that the “brought” politicians and business elite are not breaking any laws. The Anti-Corruption Act is attempting to change that by making it illegal to influence politics through the use of money.

It's possible to go around congress using the Ballot Initiative process. No politicians required as it lets the citizens pass their own laws and it all begins at the local level.

Watch this video for a superb explanation:

The act was written by top constitutional scholars conservative and liberal alike to stand up to the toughest scrutiny. Here's the direct link to the .pdf file:

The official American Anti-Corruption Act website:

Please add your name to join the fight here:

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very good pots recommend

So let's get corrupt politicians to pass a law to un-corrupt themselves...when are people gonna get it that this group of people will never self-regulate themselves?


I have to agree, sort of like why would the police investigate themselves.

Politicians love money they thrive on it, to them you're nothing more than a numbered piece of meat to be used until you no longer serve a purpose.


That's why it's best to go around congress using the Ballot Initiative process

I agree with you. Politicians by law also have to be transparent about who they vote for as well, as to enable those financial interests that fund them to know that their bribes have been well placed.

Now this is what I want to see on Steemit!

FYI I have an email list of 50k Berniecrats who I think would love more content like this. You intere in writing some content on Steemit that is for my list and I can email them with your content to help get them onto this platform?


Thanks for this comment! Email your list with this content and get on the platform. Together we are stronger.

I've followed you... follow me and keep an eye out for more good stuff. I'm looking for more content ideas that make a difference.


Can you write an article that talks about why Bernicrat political donors should buy SP and up vote content from Bernicrat politicians instead of just donating directly since the SP investment will grow their positive impact much more over time? Following you now also!

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