My Restaurant Has Been Hit by the AltRight!

in #politics3 years ago

So I hate to get political (do I?) but hear me out 

I think it's important to talk about changes in discourse and political trends. Community? that's what I'm here for. 

So as I've mentioned before: I'm a server. Recently, my restaurant was approached by a right wing group called "The Proud Boys" to host a "Celebration of Western Culture" (Imperialism?) We talked with the group to discuss the details, but after higher level managers investigated the group - they decided it wouldn't be a good fit for the business. Being an independent restaurant in the heart of Orange County California, is not only a privilege, but of course allows us the right to refuse service to anyone. 

Well.... the Proud Boys didn't like that very much.....and through their online community, have gone on the attack. 

Let me just reiterate: we are a mom and pop shop. It took us years to build the Yelp they destroyed in DAYS Now obviously we didn't tell them we refused to host their event because of political ideologies, but they caught on. So, I start work in a few hours, and I'm wondering what do you guys think? Should businesses be objective? Should we be celebrating "Western Culture"? Or - Should businesses even have to explain themselves for their decisions? (Note: The following is only a VERY SMALL sample of our destroyed yelp)

 photo yelp review 1_zpsxyb8jaxv.png  photo yelp 5_zpst6g1sqpe.png  photo yelp 3_zpsxegovfqk.png  photo yelp 4_zpsqytgkmxb.png  photo yelp 2_zpsunuuigas.png

The reason most people go into small business is to support themselves.
If you want to get into politics or be a social justice warrior, using your livelihood as the lightning rod, you should "expect" to have both the positive and negative outcomes.
Why would you piss-off half or more of your customers, by being so rigid. ?

I just upvoted you, although I recommend to be tolerant to all your guests. Try to be friendly, perhaps they will also be friendy because of your unexspected behaviour.

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