Thanks. Yes I'm not pro drugs but I think the current laws actually increase harm as I state in the article. Thanks for taking the time and supporting though. It means a lot. Maybe eventually more people will read it:)

I agree ! Totally Undervalued . Let's see what will happen with more than 500000 Steemers .

I am not pro and not anti ! I took everything you can't even imagine and some experience , especially with DMT ( AYA , the grandmother of all plants ) medicine not drug ! was mind blowing and essential for the knowledge of myself. Alcohol is not a medicine , Alcoholics and other addicts need help healing a disease .Jail should not be a solution to this problem.

I'm not pro but I'm not 100% anti because there is a certain hypocrisy in me telling people not to take some drugs whilst I guzzle down a super strong coffee every morning and the harm argument is also hypocritical whilst alcohol and cigarettes are perfectly legal. Having spent extensive time working in hospital A&E departments you see the harm alcohol does on any average weekend.

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