Trump vs Hillary. Who will Win? Let's predict with over 95% accuracy!

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Trump vs Hillary. Who will win? Predicting with over 95% accuracy.

Clinton's lead over Donald Trump narrowed to less than 3 percentage points, according to a Reuters poll released on Friday. The lead was about eight percentage points on Monday.

Here is Sabato’s election map..who is Sabato, you ask?

Larry Sabato is a professor at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. Sabato is also the crystal ball!

In 2004, he had a 99% accuracy rate in predicting the outcome for the House, Senate, Governor and each state’s Electoral College races. In 2008, he predicted the outcome of every single gubernatorial and Senate race with 100% accuracy. In 2010, the Republicans picked up more than 500 state legislators, just like he predicted that they would months in advance. In 2012, he missed just two states and predicted the entire election with 97% accuracy. In 2016, this is what Sabato's election map looks like...

A landslide victory for Hillary. He also predicts that Hillary will take the swing states of Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Could it be?

Or will this crystal ball, like most crystal balls, falter this one time? The race could be closer than most people think after all.

What's your prediction? Comment and voice your opinion, Steemers! Thank you for reading!


Isn't said that American people are left to choose between two assholes ? Welcome to democracy.

Trump has this, The crowds he is bringing in are massive compared to the couple of hundred that show up for Hillary. You cant believe the main stream media or the polls they put out. As the DNC email leak proved the Major news companies are working with Hillary. There is no accurate news source to depict the true feelings of the masses of this country, unless you look to Facebook Twitter and now Steemit to see what the people really think.