Is Trumps wall racist?

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There is plenty to criticize trump for, so there is no need to make up things. The most common false claim I hear about trump is that he is racist. There's no denying that white supremacists would gravitate more towards Trump than Hillary, but this by no means indicates racism on his part.

Has he actually done or said anything racist himself? If he has, I haven't heard it. If anyone does have a legitimate reference to support the claim, please post below.

However, when I ask someone what hes said/done that is racist, they typically stumble on tier words, before they then make reference to Trumps Wall as their source of evidence.


To those people I say, do you believe a country has the right to "defend" it's borders. If the answer is "yes". then the only question is as to what method is used to defend those borders.

Is the current method of men patrolling the border in trucks and guns really any less racist than having a wall do the job instead? Personally, a wall seems less threatening and racist than having guns pointed at you.


If you want to say it's a waste of money, that argument may have some merit, however; it's a complex issue. Trump has made little progress towards even the preliminary procedures in gaining funding for the wall, let alone any actual construction being done.

If you think the wall is racist itself, then I ask, how does the wall discriminate against a particular race? The wall would defend both countries borders, and Mexico is in contrast stricter on Americans who illegally immigrate to Mexico.


The wall does not discriminate against race, it discriminates against people intending to break the immigration laws of either country.

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Yes, yes, yes!

Trump has been nothing but amazing towards our country. yes he does say some silly stuff via twitter that makes me shake my head. But takes the good with the bad.

Secondly, the wall is not racist, I agree. But a way to stop illegal immigration which is living off the united states support system. This issue may not be a huge deal, but the fact that the US is 20 trillion dollars in Debt and is desperately trying to get money back into the country will simultaneously giving tax breaks, means you gotta cut into something.. And it's illegals.

Good read. Got yourself a Sub brother!

Donald + Trump = ?

I love how you articulated that.


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