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RE: Alex Jones and InfoWars Censored on Facebook and YouTube, AJ Banned, Pages Are Next

in #politics6 years ago (edited)

Some kick-back for his blatant horse shit, if you ask me. I can’t believe how many people follow the guy and take his incoherent ramblings as facts... I’m all for free speech but Alex Jones is the meaning of fake news. Is censoring him right? Maybe not, but is it beneficial to the good of human intelligence? Yeah, probably.


His work has flaws, some is valid, and some has helped shed light on important issues. People need to think for themselves, and filter what everyone says to see what's true or not.

I wish I had the patience to wade through the conspiracy theories to find the gems... I’m just not strong enough

..but they let CNN and msnbc on youtube...if we are talking about 'beneficial to human intelligence'..

CNN is certainly several magnitudes more beneficial then e.g. Fox news, where employees probably have to pay a fine if they by accident tell the truth without at least twarting it or hiding the important half.

....CNN is certainly several magnitudes more beneficial then...

bubonic plague... arguably... way!


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