Update on Exclusive Interview With Adam Kokesh Following Arrest - Where In The World Is Adam?

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In this livestream, I break down what I know so far about Adam Kokesh's well being. Is he being kept silent in jail? What's going on?

We decided to do this after not receiving a call from Adam all day.

See the livestream here:


It's too bad he was prevented from joining the livestream. I would haved liked to have participated in that. Get better Josh!!

Thanks! And still a good chance he will tomorrow :)

This is great work you tried to do welldone, keep pushing perhaps ypu may have him join it soon


Great to see you back hope you Get better soon ;)

Is Adam absconded?

he is paying the price of freedom.

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The wrong things are happening with Adam Kokesh. I really appreciated by you.
I'm really like tell you in todays world no one wants to help each other but you are different you are doing well. It's worst so that he cannot able to join live stream and Adam kokesh was targeted.
Thank you @joshsigurdson
Your follower @akshaymukadam.

Going to this link and typing his name in the search will bring up what he's been charged with.

Essentially it brings up this:
POSS CS PG 1 >=1G<4G
POSS CS PG 2 >= 4G<400G

Basically, possession of a controlled substance between 1 and 4 grams.
Possession of a controlled substance between 4 and 400 grams.
Possession of less than 2 ounces of marijuana.
Tampering with physical evidence.

Who knows if it's actually legit. For all we know the stuff could have been planted. The tapering with evidence thing could have been from when Adam tried to close that open panel.

It sure would be nice to hear from him to get his side of the story.

Thank you for the breakdown.

Love and freedom above all

thanks. have a nice day

Honestly I just started following Adam a few days before he was arrested and seeing his following stand up for him must mean he is a good guy. Thanks for the update I was curious to what happened after that livestream

Wow that is so weird. No reason?

I hope this poor fellow makes bail soon.

Las malas noticias la mayoría de las veces son las primeras que salen a la luz. Adam esta...

Que se difunda y se logre su libertad

I Don’t know when AMERICANS are going to wake the fuck up ⁉️All these laws DO NOT PROTECT YOU ❗️It cost from $35,000 to $50,000 to keep a NON-VIOLENT citizen in prison , and it has never proven to do anything but make that citizen angry and broke . It is unconstitutional and all COPS should be in a federal prison for participating for a minimum of 20 years hard labor ❗️

great. upvoted!

The main thing here is that these protestors were within their rights as American citizens. The question is not whether or not these people are assholes, the question is were their rights violated. I am glad that this country stands up and says that it's not ok to dance at PUBLIC memorials, but it is ok to protest at the PRIVATE funeral of a dead American soldier. Ridiculous @joshsigurdson

thanks, happy today

I called the jail and they stated it was possession charges, 4 of them.

I would have supported him to run for President. New American Revolution.

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What about the call flood?
It worked?? Is he really out?

No, it may have actually lead to him being punished further.

Any idea how many made the call? (I did)

hopefully that's not the case. is it possible they are processing his release? i don't think they counted on the response. Sounds like there are many shady things that happened with this arrest and if they keep his this is bound to make it out to the mainstream media eventually.

So sad! Another victim of the failed War on Drugs! I find it rather disgusting how half of the country over here can freely smoke weed, but the other half over here gets locked in a cage for it image just like how marijuana is legal in Washington DC, but none of the congressman, senators, are other people involved in government are drug tested, except military!

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I personally stand on the side of justice. If Adam has committed an offence, the authority should charge him to court of competent jurisdiction rather than locking him in detention indefinitely. I upvote you.

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Cool.. Nice post..i like @joshsigurdson

@joshsigurdson When will you return me money?

Kudos Josh. Too few people take the time to help others in need. You are very kind to try to keep a focus on Mr. Kokesh and the injustices he faces.

He is indeed in a sense a political prisoner.

Just like the Seth Rich case, these guys are heroes fighting for us and we must do our best to help them, otherwise it will one day happen to us too.

This kind of treatment reminds me of what we see in Orwell's 1984.


It does get discouraging. And it seems the only way to ever end this kind of tyranny is to take away the punch bowl from the banksters themselves!.

Let's keep the fight going and pls get well soon. Those harsh Canadian winters are rough and I don't miss them at all!

WTF. I am not able to watch the live stream...huhh

WTF. I am not able to watch the live stream..

you are awesome. I really like your video

josh your video was really nice.I like your video

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Great to see you back hope you Get better soon ;)

The whole thing is sickening, the government and police are out of control and not only in the USA.

The price of #freedom is crazy out there folks! @adamkokesh @joshsigurdson

Wise County Jail records indicate he is still there, looks like he was charged with possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence:


Thank you for this great post.

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Hope you get better!

Anarchy is Freedom, NOT what we have now.

Great video. Thanks for sharing.

Oh really??

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