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Josh Sigurdson debunks the terrible viral video put out by Burger King called "Whopper Neutrality".

Recently a video made by Burger King went viral on YouTube. It was basically a pro net neutrality video using whoppers as an analogy. The premise is that people attempt to buy a whopper only to have to wait long periods of time or pay more.
The metaphor was terrible, but of course the media played it up as a genius move by the giant monopoly that sold people horse meat for several years.
In this video, we debunk the preconcieved notions this commercial ignorantly displays.
Net neutrality is supposed to stop big monopolies from over pricing their products and censoring that which they do not like. Meanwhile, the government regulation actually leads to MASSIVE monopolies ruling in the internet and television provider business with fixed prices that are so much higher than they would be if there was true free market competition. Conveniently, the big monopolies that so many think net neutrality saves them from are huge supporters of the regulations including Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Netflix and of course the big providers like Comcast and Verizon.
If there weren't so many government regulations, the market would act on the individual demand of those supporting it. Consumers would decide. Companies would have to provide the best product for the best price in order to compete against the countless other companies attempting to do the same. This means far more innovation, production, employment, better wages and repeat.
No company competing in this market would willingly refuse to provide what their customers want, drive their prices up against their competition, provide terrible quality products unless they wanted people to move to another alternative.
Let's look at this from the perspective of burger neutrality. Imagine the government came in and implemented this burger neutrality. Of course McDonalds and Burger King would support it. It goes through and every place that serves burgers has to provide it at the same price. McDonalds and Burger King survive these regulations and become the only options. They can then raise their prices as there would be no competition to worry about.
This is not rocket science.

Whatever governments do, free markets do far better. And without force!

Stay tuned and stay free everyone!

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So on point... That's why i so love your blog... I learn a lot from you... I know my upvotes does not really make a difference but it's my small way of thanking you for posting great stuffs


Happy to do it! Thanks! :)

Help me, because I do not understand. You say, that if there is no Net Neutrality, I will have the ability to get better internet from somewhere else? But who? And How? There is only one ISP in my area and it is Charter. If I don't get Charter, there is no "Five Guys" to choose from" So if Charter decides they want to block my access to, lets say, steemit, unless I pay for their $500/mo package? Or what if they block access to steemit altogether, there is no one else to choose from. That is why I thought we needed Net Neutrality. So they don't slow or block access to our sites. I don't see how repealing Net Neutrality is a good thing. Can you please explain further?

You're right, the private organizations definitely have the upper hand in that they won't tax like the government does.


so are you stupid or just smart enough that stupid people that you're telling the truth?

i'd actually like to know how you think net neutrality benefits Comcast and Verizon

I want in on this.

This meme I made during the last flare-up is relevant.


I enjoyed your production values and editing and that you don't wave your hands around too much while talking and that your suit contrasted with the backdrop, very nice. Yeah that Whopper/net neutrality analogy was stupid, it was funny to upset people at Burger King though, which is a good analogy, progressives in the media upsetting poor stupid people with bad analogies for fun. typical.

Adam Smith and the invisible hand ehhh

Free markets are pretty dope! Let's hope there's more exposure to this expanding ecosystem.

We already have big monopolies Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc. I know but there are alternatives. Yes but not so much as they are often not very functional and their community is small. It is changing thanks to the own foolish actions of the monopoly companies eg censorship, political bans, lgbtq agenda and the selling of users private data to intelligence agencies, advertisers etc.
We need decentralisation of the internet. Net neutrality is important as we all want the same access at any given moment. If they prioritize one over the other because of money the small guy will lose.

All you need to know is that if GOVERMENT is involved then its CRAP . Great video 😂🤪👏👍✌🏼♥️👊🏻